Family Law Report Susan Settenbrino Lack of Oversight

I am joseph Morgan welcome to the family law report are we examine the problems and challenges facing our family law system this is parked for dinner series with Susan said in Bruno covering judicial bias and corruption so what recourse do we have when we encounter unbiased judge isn’t that why we have appeals courts I talk about that a lot in my book you don’t have appeals could let me tell you what you have outside the palace jackie’s also have to get your active and they also came from the same club in the lawsuit goes the same way and you could be a commodity that could be a lot of things but three-way don’t have a PO Energy Ltd the you had the best judges on the palate lappam the set this up why because you have this is by you go to courthouse you going because you need intervention whether its monetary you kids you like Each you going into this Court has your whole clip cases do we out your whole life is to be on your finances of lil you know depleted most people can’t survive that to get to the appellate level and let me tell you what’s wrong about that whole concept this is what’s dangerous if a judge is sitting on the bench and abusing his power in by a leading the cookie Judicial Conduct

I have a right my in the akc to say do something we need a we cite get this judge took the bench and get somebody who knows what you doing and let me have my day in quick watching I and my client have to go do an appellate process to hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands or millions of dollars to correct judicial misconduct that is not what it is now you supposed to be is the appellate process is to correct mistakes work aris war and creative by a judge he was acting good he engaging in Papa conduct and was usual doesn’t the government give your money back make your home when you win an appeal press the bomb winning in Apia let’s talk about green p.m. which we if you can a slipper something that you’re asking for and they send it back to the court to decide back you 1 does the government a you you are no consequences to the judges is no retribution for the that against and you X-rays don’t wanna go a good attorney doesn’t want to go through this process doesn’t wanna earn legal fees this way it even get key even the best cases the appellate level is a top yes was to deal with the lore even addressed attacks it you a judge using gauging you intellectual dishonesty and the Facebook loss the appellate level even the best circumstances is not going to get involved what about the oversight committees aren’t they


supposed to respond to complaints and discipline bad judges we have state funded offices in the millions I guess cross the country in the billions family I’m and this was the police the judges and disposed at least the attorneys and let me tell you something you 20 ani: documentary that you know nothing ever happens if this and where you engage is in Portland you anti-gay she had nothing ever happens she to stop this abusive process well let me tell you that the law is the air these are the killers the ethics committee for the who the lawyer used ended the ethics committee for the judges the other chill is the supposed to make everything right US was to be able to go to the ethics committee NC his attorney has engaged in this misconduct in all the rules the air date me for joint claims is a big agent littlest motions a key and the same thing with the judge’s by in a politicized system if the people at the helm these offices I’m ensuring that their mind politically these offices will protect and able to hockey and they will further promote enable the misconduct in even corruption the questions so you’re saying the fox guarding the henhouse is a whole system you that’s now functioning as dangerous in at lax oversight and they’re all Disney these nobody home did not release

on these no attorney general is no d8 is no government nobody here too to address it it wanted the same political machine and the only people who were sacked green is dance the popular and we need to change it %um what’s the motive here whose pulling the strings in 10 they have to gain well you’re the one who made it back in stock naturally and say it’s a fifty billion dollar a year industry Justin panel on there are other a reason the words well he toma billions of dollars needs my just in the judiciary by Jim how’s the 78 each and hungry now we all the fans are going we see accounting up these budgets why because they create their own subjective reports hurry now is the subjective reports if the judiciary is Aki outside the school with their office you’re engaging in conduct questionable conduct if that is what’s going on we need to have an entity that has oversight I’ve heard people say that we can’t control the judiciary because if the separation government in three independent branches aren’t they supposed to have this level of a tournament let’s start with what he said because we do not have to be branches operating

I just sent you from the same political machines we have the legislative the executive and the Judiciary¬†all independent the career development and survival do these political machine so the is no independence if you ask me and if you look at the fax it doesn’t seem to be any independence if your mom who’s happier they can be utilized they don’t believe there we are by from creating these changes constitutionally I don’t believe there we our bride drum seeking the form in oversight and I transparency in our clinton’s but nobody’s willing to do it not because they can t wait but because they were applauded the same political machine so you think we can do anything about this we have the power to the people we the ones who can change it weakening we can make sure the region man’s me form if we start applying this oversight exposing it to win it its that’s how you get need more time so what I’m hearing is that we have to stop moaning for judges just because they’re democrats republicans and we have to hold her other elected officials accountable to institute effective oversight of our courts such as your database that tracks the decision a beach judge in that way

we’ll be able to see if they’re showing favoritism toward any law firm or company or Class A people and vote them out of office asa personally think that judges should have term limits and should be¬†prohibited from practicing law for at least three years after serving as a judge to avoid temptation at the all-star favoring a law firm that is likely to hire them at the end of their term Susan you’re very brave to speak out generate your book unchecked power we need more people like you who are not afraid to point out weaknesses in our system because it’s the only way it will be improved for the benefit of the people thank you very much I’m juice orange and this is the Family Law Report banking done in.