4 Questions to Ask Yourself before Applying to Law School

It’s no secret, getting through law school can be a surprisingly difficult task. From expenses to the demand on your time, succeeding in law school is something that takes commitment and dedication. If you are on the fence about whether or not you should apply to law school, read on. Here are four questions to ask yourself before applying to law school.

1. What Motivates You?

Seeing as law school is a huge commitment, you should do some soul-searching before you apply and figure out just exactly why you want to attend. Whether you’re opting for Maryville’s degree in cyber security program online, or a J.D. from Boston University, knowing why you want to be there will build the resilience necessary to push yourself through trying times. Are you looking for a longstanding career as a lawyer? Maybe you’re passionate about writing and want to follow those skills into a lucrative profession. No matter your motivation, having a clear understanding of why you want to study law will only make you more effective in the long run.

2. What Section Of Law Do You Want To Practice?

This goes hand-in-hand with the above question. In fact, answering the above question will likely naturally lead you to this one. What type of lawyer do you want to be? What type of law do you want to study and potentially practice? You could decide to go for something very specific or something broader so that you can make a decision at a later point in time. Maybe you want to work in the government sector as a public defender or in the office of the district attorney, or maybe you want to stay closer to academia and become a law professor… The choice is up to you and depends on your own motivations and desires.

3. Have You Talked To Anyone Currently Working In The Profession?

Talking to someone with experiential knowledge in the field is a great way to get a better idea if that particular area of law is right for you. Put yourself out there, network, and try to accumulate as many contacts in the industry as possible. When you do finally speak to a lawyer, ask them questions pertaining to where they went to school, how much their education cost, and what your path after graduation will look like. Don’t be afraid to convey a personal experience and give them any additional information that may be pertinent to them answering your questions.

4. How Do You Plan To Pay For School?

Evaluating costs and how you plan to pay back any debt prior to enrolling in a program is a smart move that many students neglect. Take care to invest in yourself first, stay focused, and build a tactical plan of action that you can follow through to the end.

How the Divorce Process Works in Arizona

In Arizona, a divorce is called a “dissolution of marriage.” Regardless of the term used to denote the fact that a marriage has ended, the legal processes involved in attaining that goal are similar to those of other states. The major differences usually arise only when it is a “covenant” marriage that is to be dissolved.

Arizona recognizes two types of marriage, the “covenant” marriage and the much more common “non-covenant” or “civil” marriage. Since the dissolution of covenant marriages account for only a small percentage of cases in the Arizona courts, our main focus will be on the legal processes involved when a civil marriage is ending.

Under Arizona law, the spouse who files the Petition for Dissolution (the “petitioner”) must have resided in Arizona for a minimum of 90 continuous days prior to the date the petition is filed with the Superior Court of the county where the petitioner resides.

Grounds for requesting a dissolution
Arizona is a “no fault” state, meaning that a spouse can petition for dissolution without citing a specific act or acts as a basis for their petition. If a covenant marriage is to be dissolved, there must be a specific reason given and that reason must be one of several (such as adultery, abandonment, or addiction) that are recognized by law.

Filing and serving notice to a spouse
In Arizona, the Superior Courts are given some leeway is setting the time limits that it applies to dissolution cases.

Once a petition has been filed, the other spouse (the “respondent”) must be served (given a copy) of the Petition and any supporting documents within 120 days of the filing date.

Responses and hearings
Once served, the respondent has the right to file a response with the court. Depending on circumstances such as spousal and/or child support, a response must usually be filed within 20 or 30 days of service. In cases where the respondent cannot be located, or was served and did not respond within the time limits, the petitioner may ask the court for a default hearing and a dissolution on the terms set forth in the original petition. Should the respondent contest the original petition, he or she will be scheduled for a hearing in court.

Community property, custody, and support
Arizona is a community property state, meaning that all property (and debts) accumulated during a marriage is divided as close to “50 – 50” as possible. There are several exceptions to the community property rule, and these exceptions should be discussed with a family law attorney.

Custody of children is decided by the court. Child and/or spousal support, is based on maintaining the quality of life that the spouse and children enjoyed during marriage and the contribution that each former spouse can be fairly expected to make to the child’s or children’s well-being. The amount of support is determined by the court and can be enforced by the state’s child and spousal support laws.

Your need for legal representation
From this review, you can understand how complicated the Arizona dissolution laws can become. For this reason alone, anyone involved in a Dissolution proceeding should have legal counsel. In the Phoenix area, the attorneys at Ronald Saper Law can provide both petitioners and respondents with legal counsel that protects their legal rights during and after a dissolution case.

If you are considering a marriage dissolution, or are currently involved in such a case, you should contact the law offices of Ronald Saper Law to discuss your present situation and the options that may be available to you during this emotional time of your life.

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Choosing a Law School: 4 Factors to Consider First

Choosing a law school should be based on other things besides which school has the best reputation or offers the best job prospects. There are many other factors that need to be considered. Check out these four to give yourself an idea of how you should be thinking about this process.

1. Location

This might seems like a fairly superficial concern, but remember, law school isn’t undergrad. You probably won’t be living on campus, nor will you be spending as much time on campus, necessarily. You need to check out the surrounding area to make sure that you’ll like it and be able to afford it.

It’s possible you’ll be getting a small stipend for living expenses, but it’s doubtful it’ll be enough to cover an entire month’s rent for an apartment in Manhattan. Conversely, if your school is out in the middle of nowhere, consider what kind of internship opportunities would be available in the area and whether or not you’d be able to take advantage of them.

2. What Kind of Law do You want to Practice?

Some schools are better for certain kinds of law than others. If you want to be a trial attorney, try and find schools that have noteworthy reputations for that kind of study. If your passion is constitutional law, look for schools that are known to excel in that area. Some law schools will most likely have good reputations in a general sense, but if you know you want to specialize, you should absolutely look into institutions that have something in common with your ultimate goals.

3. How Much are You Willing to Spend?

This is another seemingly superficial factor that absolutely must not be treated that way. If you currently have student loan debt from your undergrad days at UCLA and are going to have to take out more loans in order to attend law school, you’re setting yourself up to be deep in debt as soon as you graduate.

If you’re going to school in an expensive city, this also means that your cost of living will be much higher than it probably was in college. That means more money for rent, food, and necessities just to survive. You probably won’t be able to work much and your current student loans will start accruing interest. All of these things need to be contemplated seriously when picking a school because they can have drastic effects on your post-graduate job.

4. What Kind of Environment do You want?

Check out the campus before your visit. Go to the surrounding towns, meet with professors and talk to the students. You need to know without a doubt that this is where you want to spend three years of your life. Just because a school has a great reputation doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Do you like the class sizes? Do they have courses that will interest you? You have to think about more things than just how many students graduate passing the bar or with job offers. Otherwise, you could be in for a world of hurt. Heck, the regular school might not even be for you, so click here to learn about USC’s masters in LLM online program. When it comes time to pick a law school, you need to give this kind of thing a good degree of thought.

Legal Implications of Addictive Behaviors

Every type of addiction has a ripple effect across many different aspects of society as well as life in general. And when it comes to the intersection of addiction and the law, specifically, there are a number of additional circumstances to consider. Depending on what side of the addiction you’re on, and if your addiction deals with legal or illegal substances, that can also put wrinkles in different professional situations.

Take the examples of professionals in rehab, the case of taxes and missing money, how addiction matters in divorce court, what can go awry when the medical field is involved, and what happens if you’re a lawyer dealing with addicts. Each of these will point to interesting aspects of where legality and addiction mix.

Dealing With Rehab

There are high-profile professionals that need rehab. It happens. In fact, it’s not even all that uncommon. There’s a lot of pressure in high-end jobs in many different fields, and certain personality types are even likely to use drugs and alcohol to relieve that stress. Once it gets past a certain point and turns into an addiction, that’s when lives can start to come apart at the seams.

Taxes and Missing Money

If someone is spending money on the side to purchase drugs to fuel an addiction, it can come across strangely when it comes time to do taxes. Income and expenses can fail to match up, and if there’s any kind of a tax audit that happens, the missing money can lead to very embarrassing and potentially life-changing observations from a legal standpoint. Addiction is expensive, and if that makes it onto any sort of legal paper trail, lives can get torn apart quickly.

Divorce Court

And what happens in a divorce when it’s determined that one of the parties has an addiction of some sort? Especially if there are children involves, many thousands of dollars can move from one pocket of intention to another, and that can leave lives in tatters as well. Parents and caregivers are in a precarious legal position if they have personal issues like this that get found out.

Medical Altercations

For people in the medical field who have addictions, legality can quickly become complicated too. Because doctors and nurses have access to prescription medication, there’s a certain degree of trouble if an employee ends up with an opiate addiction of some sort, and it’s more common than you might expect.

Working With Clients

And finally, if you’re a lawyer dealing with a client who has an addiction, the rules of engagement tend to change a bit as well, especially if the addiction is to an illegal drug. It complicates things when there are scheduled substances in the mix, and can alter the eventual results of a trial.

3 Legal Steps To Take Following A Car Accident

When you’re involved in a car accident, whether it’s your fault or not, the immediate shock and stress can make it difficult to know what actions you should be taking. However, it’s the immediate actions that you either do or don’t take that can have a big impact on how this issue gets resolved between the two parties involved in the accident, law enforcement, insurance carriers, medical providers and more. So to ensure you’re protecting yourself legally, here are three legal steps you should take following a car accident.

Don’t Admit Guilt

One of the worst things you can do, but something that comes out almost immediately and without thought, can be admitting guilt for the accident by apologizing to the other driver. Although you may feel that saying you’re sorry isn’t really an admission of guilt to the accident being your fault, David Goguen, a contributor to AllLaw.com, shares that even this small and seemingly insignificant admission of guilt can put you in potential hot water with your insurance carrier. Whoever is at fault will generally have to pay for the accident, which is something you likely want to avoid. With this in mind, make sure you watch what you say right after you get in an accident.

Call The Authorities

Even if you don’t think the accident you were in should require police presence, YourLegalFriend.com recommends always calling the police to come to any accident you have involving another vehicle. With the police at the scene, they can help document what happened and make it easier to tell who was truly at fault for the accident. This will make it much easier if you have to go into a legal fight regarding who has to pay for what or if you need to fight a claim with your own insurance company; a lot of the documentation has already been done for you or can serve as a second witness with police records.

Document All Necessary Medical Attention

Car accidents can be tricky because even if you didn’t think you needed immediate medical attention, the next few days following an accident can present problems that stemmed from the accident. And if the accident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t be paying for all the medical expenses on your own. For this reason, HG.org suggests thoroughly documenting all medical attention you receive due to the car accident you were in as a way to protect yourself if your medical needs are legally disputed. This means you document every appointment you go to, pain medicine you receive, and medical procedure you require as a result of the accident. Your medical provider will also have records, but it’s a good idea to keep some yourself as well.

If you don’t know what legal action to take following a car accident, use the tips mentioned above to help you navigate this unfamiliar terrain.

Where to get the best personal injury claims?

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Awards Getting Those Successes

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How to choose best personal injury lawyer?

Generally, the personal injuries are serious matters for everyone that frequently involves major injury, permanent disability and even cause death. In this situation, the main role of personal injury lawyer is recovering financial damages depending upon the victims that are needs to cover compensate for pain, suffering, and medical treatments; replace permanent lost income and so on. Here without qualified lawyers, you cannot tackle this situation so you must choose an attorney who is well experienced and specialized in the personal injury cases. These lawyers are skilful and high talent to keep the current and latest development in the personal injury laws.



5 Ways To Improve Your Team At The Firm

Building an effective and coalescent team takes work.  A team centers around a group of people in the professional world learning to conquer challenges collectively.  The term is centered around the idea that a group of individuals has a much more broad chance of success due to the diverse set of skills present in each member.

To gain positive results from a functioning team atmosphere, there must be certain standards in place to regulate the quality of performance.  A law firm needs to have a team of individuals who are prepared to face any challenge.  To ensure a winning environment at the firm, take a look at a few helpful hints that will pave the path to success.

Strong organizational skills

If the firm has been stuck in a rut of a disorganized mess for some time, it will take some time to resolve the issue.  Organization takes time.  Improving team productivity requires patience and, more importantly, order.

People need to know exactly what is expected of them in order to meet or exceed expectations.  Clearly define each team member’s role in the firm for a more solid sense of structure.  Above all, understand that time means change, and change takes time.

Accountability is a key factor

If perfection is the goal, then aim one step higher than perfection.  Keep close tabs on each individual’s performance in the firm, and require that they are held accountable for their mistakes.

This is not a free pass to embarrass and harass employees or partners, but to generate a sense of urgency towards the betterment of the team.  There must be some sort of checks and balances in place to boost performance.

Invest in knowledge enhancement

Invest time, money, blood, sweat, and tears into what we like to call “knowledge enhancement” aka training.  Never make knowledge hard to acquire.  Provide an atmosphere of mentorship and allow for learning.  Experience is the best trainer a firm could employ.

Otherwise, invest in training programs, or hire other professionals to lay the groundwork for success.  There are many companies around that specialize in team building techniques.  Knowledge transfer is only effective when it exists.  Too often, companies expect miracles from employees without ever providing the tools to complete the job.

Encourage positive reinforcement

Foster an environment of positive reinforcement.  Just because we are all grown does not mean we no longer need that extra pat on the back when we have done a good job.  Everyone, no matter their age, likes to hear words of positive affirmation.

Lead with undeniable commitment

A team is only as strong as their leader will allow.  Lead with a commitment to a cohesive working environment, and positive results will find their way into place.

Guide On How To Take Care Of The Environment While Doing Business

When you are into a business, you need to take care of so many things to get higher benefits from it. Along with the methods you are using to get higher profits, it is very necessary for you to take care that the environment and common people are not getting negatively affected by your business activities.

To get help on the environmental issue, you should be aware of the legislations made to protect the environment from any intolerable business activity.

Know the rules

If you are into a manufacturing business and own a factory, it is very important for you to have legal permissions to work in a legal way and avoid any unnecessary future trouble. You need to have permission from water authorities to allow trade effluent to flow in the sewage, legal permission is needed if your business requires emissions of gases or other smoke into the air.

If you are into a packaging business, you must be registered with National Packaging Waste Database and prove them that your business is recycling or managing the waste products appropriately.

Be it an electronic business, a hardcore construction business or a pharmaceutical factory, you must know the threats your business may pose on the environment and lives of people and hence you should be prepared with effective strategies to deal with them.

Products that are major threats to environment

There are so many things that can damage the environment, but there are certain compounds that are majorly categorized by environmental legislations and needs to be managed properly, to safeguard the environment from harmful business activities.

Radio-active substances, animal by-products, harmful pesticides, oils, chemicals released from factories, hazardous electronic products, etc. are some of the things that are regulated tightly by the legal environmental authorities.

Recycling and remediation

These are the tools you need to use if you want to do a safe business without affecting the environment. You must consider methods for safe and secure treatment of by-products produced by your factory.

If you are into a business where papers, plastics, glass, or any other recyclable products are used or made you must use proper recycling methods for them.

Legal help

To know more about the safety guidelines and have legal awareness about environmental protection while doing business, you should contact to law firms. Law clerks working within a law firm can help you greatly to deal with the legislation made for the security of environment and human health.

Law clerks are not lawyers, but they are the specialist with relevant legal degrees and superior intelligence and knowledge about the environmental law. Ellery Shane Gordan is one of the well-known and reputed law clerk working at the Los Angeles, California state.

He did his early education and went to Pepperdine University School of Law in Arizona. The law career of Ellery Gordan began in 2013 at the Pima County public defender’s office, where he joined as an intern.

Don’t Allow Reckless Drivers Get Away With Ruining Your Life.

The accident that has caused you so much pain and stress is the fault of the other driver. As you make your recovery, you should ensure that they are held accountable for what they have done.

Dealing with consequences of an accident has left you and your family in a very bad position financially. Filing suit against the person responsible for putting you in such circumstances is a fair and reasonable thing to do.

All that you are being put through could have all been avoided if the person who hit you had paid attention to what they were doing. The fact that they didn’t do so puts them in the wrong and gives you grounds for a law suit.

Suing To Protect Your Future

You have every right to get compensation for the injury and damage you’ve suffered. You make it your business to be a careful and conscientious driver. You follow the rules of the road scrupulously and allow no number of text messages, phone calls, or other distractions divert your eyes and attention from the road. Unfortunately, not everyone is so diligent. And more than a few people are outright reckless.

Don’t be a victim. Get the justice you deserve by filing suit.

Money Will Make It Better

Let no one convince you that money doesn’t matter in these situations. You should of course focus on your health and getting better. However, you are out of work. That is a hard reality. And with it comes money questions that simply will not go away.

Working with lawyers such as the ones found at Cogan and Power, PC. can help you get the settlement you need to offset many of your expenses. As you recover your health and strength, you must work simultaneously to direct a legal effort to hold the person who put you in this condition accountable.

Personal injury lawyers are trained to collect the evidence and present a case that will compel the other party to pay restitution. You should act sooner rather than later. A great deal of forensic evidence and eyewitness testimony needs to be gathered if you are to prove that the person who crashed into you was reckless or negligent, and thus liable for your injuries.

Easing The Burden

Your family is going through a lot at the moment. The thought of a long, drawn-out trial may frighten you. But you need not worry about such a thing. Most personal injury cases are settled out of court. Working with a capable and experienced attorney will give you the needed edge in negotiations. It is the only way you will be able to maximize the amount of money in the settlement.

While it is true that bad things happen to good people all the time it is necessary to realize that you are not the victim of some random misfortune. Your condition is the result of someone who was careless, who could not be bothered to obey the rules of the road.

Taking Action Against Dental Malpractice

Everyone dreads a trip to the dentist. But such trips are necessary on occasion. You may not like to have the inside of your mouth poked and prodded. However, a rotten tooth, a painful abscess, or some other dental emergency compels you to go. After the procedure, you expect to be healed, or at least on the path of a full recovery. You expect that the problem has been dealt with in the correct way, and that the relevant tools and knowledge of dental science has been brought to bear.

What you should not put up with is either a worsening of the problem or follow on complications because of the procedure. This is unsatisfactory. It is medical malpractice and must be responded to.

Why Dental Malpractice Should Be Reported

Everyone knows that physicians and surgeons can be sued for medical malpractice. There was a time when programs highlighting medical malpractice cases were all the rage on television. This was a kind of service because it educated the public, making them aware of the dangers and the legal means to respond to any case involving doctors who do harm. What most people don’t know is that dentists can be sued as well.

Dental malpractice is underreported. But it poses just as high a risk to health and well-being as other forms of medical malpractice. The negligence of a dental practitioner can lead to life-long tooth and gum problems, serious infection, risk of heart disease, and even death.

Tooth and gum pain is among the wort kinds of pain that anyone can experience. A flare up can consume your entire head. The thumping, constant pain of the mouth can lead you to tears. In some cases, the pain is so deep and intense that it can drive you to the point of madness.

Filing Suit Against Your Dentist

If you are suffering from a dental operation that went wrong, you should first seek relief—perhaps with another dentist. You should then file suit against the dentist whose incompetence has caused you such despair. To do it right you will need the help of an able and experienced lawyer with considerable experience dealing with such cases. You need the kind of lawyer to be found at http://www.tonyseaton.com. This is the best way to get the compensation you deserve.

Dentists, like physicians, go through a long and rigorous education and training process. They must also undertake the appropriate apprenticeship before they are certified. You should expect nothing but the high standards of professionalism when you put yourself under the care of a dentist. The last thing you should have to worry about is leaving a procedure worse off than when you entered it. If this has happened to you, then you should take action. Filing suit will not only get you the money you need to offset the additional medical bills you will incur and the work you may miss; it will also serve notice that such misconduct and incompetence is not acceptable.