How to Legally Deal with a Bike Accident on the Road

The road is full of danger. You can always be at risk of danger no matter how hard you try to stay safe. This is especially true for a cyclist. If you happen to get hit by a car while riding your bike, do you just walk away if you’re strong enough or go to the hospital to have a check-up for any fractures? Yes, you may do all of these. However, it will be your loss to let the person at fault simply get away without facing the legal consequences.

As a cyclist, you have rights under the law when it comes to road accidents. This means that you may take legal action with the help of an Austin bicycle attorney against the driver if the driver is in the wrong. Here’s how you can legally deal with a bike accident with a vehicle on the road:

  • Know If You’re in the Right

There are two very common types of accidents that may occur between a cyclist and a car. These are the:

  • Right Hook– This happens when a car overtakes a cyclist and makes a right turn in front of the cyclist while the cyclist is just riding on the bicycle lane.
  • Left Turn– This happens when the cyclist turns to the right while still on the bicycle lane and the car turns to the left right into the cyclist.

While these are the most common, there are other kinds of accidents that may happen.

  • Call The Police

In any road accident, one of the first things that you must do is call the police. At the scene of the accident, the police will investigate the cause of the accident — whether the car or bike was at fault. Make sure you call the police right away because stories tend to change over time.

  • Get the Necessary Information for the Case

While waiting for the police, get the car driver’s insurance information, license number, plate number, and personal contact information. If there happens to be some witnesses, get their contact information as well. All the information must be given to the police officer in charge for investigation.

  • Get Yourself Checked

In the moment, you probably won’t feel much pain after the accident (unless you were hit at full impact) because of your adrenaline rush. However, you will definitely feel the effects once you start relaxing. In order to avoid complications, go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

  • Collect Damages

Lastly, you have to collect money for damages made by the driver. First, his or her insurance must pay for your hospital bills. If your bike is damaged, then the driver must also pay for repair or replacement of a new one.

Final Thoughts

While most people already think of surviving a car crash as a gift of life that they survived, they must never forget the rights that they have under the law. In order for their own safety and for their own convenience, it’s best that they know at the very least, what they should do in case they get hit.