Four Tips and Tricks When Looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer

Going to court can result in a major headache and if you are dealing with an injury to your person, it can make everything all the more difficult. If you have been in an accident and are dealing with a personal injury, you are probably also having to miss work, make and attend doctor’s appointments and be loaded up with unplanned medical bills that may be beyond your budget or means. When the unexpected strikes, you want to have the knowledge to take any potential issues on. Finding the right lawyer for you may seem a little tedious, but the outcome of having the best lawyer for you is well worth it.

  • Ask Around. Chances are, you or someone you know has had to deal with lawyers, be it for divorce, injury, or what have you. Asking your friends, family, forums, or lawyers you have used previously for a referral are some of the best ways to get to know about a lawyer you may want to use for your personal injury case. Asking real people will give you insight to their experience with that lawyer, his or her mannerisms and ways of dealing with cases, and the like. These are the details you will not get from an advertisement or a firm’s website.
  • Do Your Research. Once you have shortlisted two or three lawyers, research them. Look into their price rates to see if they fit your budget and look up their credentials on the local bar association (this you can find with a quick Google search). You will want to know what kinds of cases they normally take, what their record is regarding these cases, and any comments regarding their work that have been made by those who have used that lawyer. These details are easily obtained from your preferred lawyer’s website. Take a look at to get started.
  • Pay a Visit. Drop in to your shortlisted lawyers’ offices or firms for a consultation. Some lawyers will charge a fee for this while others may not however, it is worth the opportunity to meet your potential lawyer, see their building and office, and ask them questions. Ask about whether that lawyer has communication policies, ie if they will return your phone calls or emails within a certain time and gauge how easy he or she is to get a hold of. Ask about the types of cases he or she tend to take, and what concerns they have about your case. This will give you access to important information and allow you to see how you and a certain lawyer get along
  • It’s All About Passion. You want your lawyer to be passionate about taking your case. If he or she does not seem particularly excited about taking you and your case on, it is probably not best to hire that lawyer. A lawyer who is passionate about a case is more likely to work harder, do more extensive research, and fight hard to win a case as opposed to a lawyer who approaches a case with little interest. Meeting face to face with a potential lawyer will give you this information.