Economy: Impacts of Immigration Laws

Today, modern economy faced certain results of the immigrant laws. Which ones – read in this article!

Impacts of Immigration Laws on Economy

Globalization has created a new world since the begging of the twenty first century. The rapid growth in the international trade has made national boarders insignificant as far as movement of people and labor is concerned.  This brings us to the issue of immigration where, people are permanently moving to different countries in search of job opportunities. Immigration cannot only be seen as movement of people but also movement of skills and ideas from one country to another.  Migration laws are the rules that are put across by the government to determine who is allowed in the country and for how long. The laws also stipulate the procedure to be followed when a person wants to become a citizen of that country.

The best example of immigration laws in action that has been all over the news is the current United States travel bans and the deportation of the illegal immigrants who had invaded that country.  United States government came up with new reforms on immigration laws. These laws are so complex and are meant to create bureaucratic restrictions for immigration from certain countries. Also countries like United Kingdom have Immigrants laws restricting people from West African countries who have been entering European’s nation day in day out.

This issue has brought out so many controversies ranging from security problems and loss of job opportunities in those countries.  A country like U.S argues that the illegal immigrants are not only posing threat to the security of the country but also reducing job opportunities for the local people.

It is therefore rational to say that these countries need to come up with policies that they should pursue so as to address the problem of immigration facing the country.  This is because those immigrants actually cannot risk bringing any threats to the country they consider as home and they are earning a living from it.

However, the focus here is on the impact of these laws of movement of people on the local businesses in the countries they are moving to. Before the current bureaucratic restrictions in the immigration process were placed, United States was a major destination for immigrants from all over the world. It is clear that many immigrants who moved to United States had ideas and skills that contributed to the growth of businesses and economy as a whole.

Global Business Immigration

This refers to the movement of people across the border for the purpose of business or in search of employment in different business enterprises.  Globalization and international trade act as a catalyst for these movements especially in the recent years. However, there have been so many economic challenges facing different countries which have resulted to deterioration of movements due to its impact of these economic crises on immigration policies.

Impacts of Immigration Laws on the Economy

Immigration laws are usually connected to visa applications required for traveling and entering a given country. United states act as good example because it is the world’s largest receiver of all sorts of visitors and immigrants every year.  Different people go to the U.S for different purposes but our focus here is on those immigrants who go to the U.S for the purpose of job opportunities and business activities.

To get to discuss the impacts of the laws of the U.S economy, we are going to look at the arguments for the laws and restrictions and the arguments against bureaucratic restrictions on immigration.

Arguments for the Immigration Laws

When the country puts more restriction on immigration it will be able to safeguard the future of the country since there will be less pressure on resources and the country will be able to sustain itself economically. In regard to economy of the country, there will be less government expenditure on public and most of the resources will be directed on the project development.

Also restriction will keep away terrorist who can jeopardize the nation’s security. In this case the country will spend less on maintaining security and more on nation building and growth of economy.

These laws will further reduce the number of immigrants in the country in the coming years. In regard to this, there will be more job opportunities for the American people who will later inject the money to the economy through investments hence growth of economy.

Arguments Against the Laws

Immigrations laws can restrict people with skills and ideas from entering the country. In this case the country may loss opportunity to grab good skilled workers who can contribute in production and growth of economy.  Also the skilled workers can help maintain the diversity of the country in the growing of the economy.

Immigration laws can also block out valuable immigrates who can invents in the country and also open up links with their home country which can be used to increase the export and import of goods. Immigration laws can therefore lock out valuable people who can be real propagators of the economy.

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