4 Essential Aspects of Law Everyone Should Know

As much as possible, you want the law to be on your side. If there’s ever any conflict, you want to come out ahead and get what you deserve if there is any compensation that needs to be on the table. But for all of this to happen most efficiently, obviously, you should understand as much about the law as you can.

Some of the topics that you should do some research about include how posting bail works, how Miranda rights can affect an arrest, where the Constitution fits in regarding your legal rights, and the difference between expectation and reality in a lot of legal situations.

Posting Bail

If you get in trouble and end up in jail at some point, you may have to have a friend or family member post bail. If you’ve never been involved in this kind of situation before, it can be very intimidating. However, the system is set in place for practical reasons, and in and of itself, it is not scary. You just have to know what all of the variables are in advance, so you don’t end up losing money you don’t need to, or getting stuck in jail for longer than is required.

Miranda Rights

If you’ve watched any movie with police officers in it, you’re probably familiar with Miranda rights. However, real life is not necessarily like the movies. When the police officer reads you your Miranda rights, the rule of law is in effect so that you don’t incriminate yourself by speaking out of turn. It’s almost always a good idea not to say anything until you have a lawyer present because there are lots of situations where that can legally come back to haunt you, even if you didn’t necessarily do anything wrong. Miranda rights are there to protect you, but you still have to understand how to use them to your advantage.

The Constitution

Lots of people yell lots of things about the Constitution, but very few people have actually ever read it. Especially when it comes to learning the Bill of Rights, every single US citizen, and potentially every person around the world, should understand every single word. It’s absolutely amazing that people are protected in all of these broad ways, but have never read the original document.

Expectation Vs. Reality

The expectation is that the rule of law and the legal system is always going to protect the innocent and give compensation where compensation is deserved. However, many times people have to deal with gray areas in legal proceedings. The more money you have, the better defense you can have. If you live in an area that has racial sensitivities, there are all sorts of documented cases of bias getting in the way of a just verdict. It’s important to be aware that you have to work with the legal system, and not just assume it will be fair on its own.