How to Separate Yourself From an Abusive Marriage

Unfortunately, in the times we live in, there are men and women who believe that abuse inside of a marriage is not only acceptable, but a right they have in the bonds of marriage. This is definitely not so. Because of the flood of information on this topic, many spouses know how to get out of this situation and now are empowered and feel encouraged to do so. For those of you who are just now learning and need some help leaving your abusive spouse, read on. Below, you will find some tips for handling the issue and moving on.


The first step in any abusive situation is to get out. Leave. Find a family member or good friend to stay with. Then, if you haven’t already, file a domestic violence report with your local sheriff’s office. Do this as soon as you can. Have your friend or family member take pictures of any marks or bruise left on you from the abuse and then, breathe. Rest under the protection of the law and your friends and family.

Find A Good Lawyer

As difficult as it may be to take each step of this journey, it is important for you to keep moving through as quickly as you can. Evidence is of the utmost importance and time has a way of attempting to bury it. This evidence will be most valuable to the police and to your lawyer. Finding a competent lawyer is of the utmost importance. He/she will be the steam in your fight for a guilty verdict and damages, which you most assuredly deserve. Divorce is normally, the next step. A good lawyer can help you here, as well and a word to the wise. Many people believe you have to wait on the divorce to be final before you can file for damages. This is not true.

Move On

After everything’s said and done, move on. You never deserved the way you were treated. It was not your fault and you deserve to move on knowing that. Stay under the protection and encouragement of you friends and family. They have a way of seeing things we don’t sometimes. Get back on your own two feet and get balanced here. Yes, excel at your job, get your own place and vehicle. If you have children, help them to feel secure in this new atmosphere, but make sure that you tend to you. Maybe find some help for the recovery from the chaos.

In the end, if you have followed these steps, you will be able to close the chapter on nightmares in your life and begin a new one full of sweet, reachable dreams.