Let’s Know Academic Writing Better

The basic purpose of any kind of writing is to communicate. What began in the Stone age, today most of our communication happens in realm of text via e-mails, text messages, posts on online platforms. In the current scenario, we create an image of ourselves with texts and pictures in the virtual world rather than actually presenting ourselves in the society. In the same way, academic writing and assignments are considered as effective windows to a student’s thoughts by the marker. It serves as a communication tool to convey acquired knowledge in a specific field of study. An Academic writing is demonstrative of theories, findings and facts related to a given argument. In the course of curriculum, academic writing or assignment mainly aims to enhance the learning process and development and to measure course comprehension.

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The complexity of the writing process often leads to discontent in the learner. Also, the impulsive nature of higher education, work pressure and the resources as limiting factors, the students fail to cope with the challenges, which result in diminished academic performances. However, academic writing holds great significance and needs be paid greater attention from the academic fraternity. It might be a herculean task to complete all the assignments and academic writings, especially at the end of the semester. For a student who aims at scoring better in all the subjects might find it difficult to concentrate on each one of them. The burden can be taken off by getting the writings done by online essay writing platforms like essaytwist.com/prices.

Some of the benefits of having an essay written by an experienced writer through essay writing service platforms are:

  • Full control over the contents of work: All the contents are custom written and 100% original and all the necessary requirements are followed to ensure a high quality work.
  • Moderate pricing: Especially for students, it is important that the service is moderately priced. However, quality of the work shouldn’t be compromised with the pricing.
  • Prompt delivery: Timely delivery is ensured by these high-quality service providers and the order is delivered in the minimum time to allow the client to review and ask for any corrections.
  • Security: The security of one’s papers are ensured by these organizations and provide a narrow space for any leakage of information.
  • Ease of communication: In the process of writing, the clients can stay in touch with the writers to provide necessary guidelines and information to get the best work.

Significance of Academic Writing As a Part of Curriculum:

As a part of curriculum, academic assignment involves the prospects of thinking, researching, reading, and reasoning, planning, organizing, articulating, arguing, communicating and learning. A proper knowledge regarding academic writing can help in smooth communication with the marker. Thus, it is also crucial to write in a way that convinces the marker about one’s understanding. The process involved in writing improves creative thinking, foresight planning, writing skills, analytical skills, skillful presentation and reaching out to the masses. To understand a topic and to make others understand is one of the greatest skills to be developed in academic writing. By understanding a given topic, it is possible to approach to it in a different perspective.

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It is said that learning is a continuous process and to effectively implement the learned aspect, it is important to do real life based assignments. The assignments cover an array of goals and purposes that serve in effective implementation of the learning. Also, among all the other aspects of assignment writing, the effort put into the text is the real value. The careful analysis and in-depth research is the key into an effective writing. The ability to think critically and objectively while clearly conveying complex ideas in a well-structured, concise format is also an important thing to learn in academic writing. It has the ability to better students’ writing finesse by utilizing practical initiatives. It is of great importance to implement and evaluate assignment writing at all levels within colleges in order to capture a wide array of learning resources.

Academic essay writing teaches a student to be:

  • Concise
  • Clear
  • Considered
  • Organized
  • Efficient

Thus, these assignments help a student to implement their acquired theoretical knowledge from academics into practical world. The main goals of the topics are essentially covered in these assignments.

The key advantages of academic writing are:

  • Helps to formulate arguments: Contrary to the scattered and loosely organized verbal discussions, academic writings involve logically constructed arguments.
  • Improves general writing skills: It helps in developing effective communicative skills and shapes oneself into a more intelligent and professional person.
  • Enhances Logical thinking: The writing process challenges one to delve deeper into a topic and shape the thoughts effectively to convey it to others.