3 Legal Steps To Take Following A Car Accident

When you’re involved in a car accident, whether it’s your fault or not, the immediate shock and stress can make it difficult to know what actions you should be taking. However, it’s the immediate actions that you either do or don’t take that can have a big impact on how this issue gets resolved between the two parties involved in the accident, law enforcement, insurance carriers, medical providers and more. So to ensure you’re protecting yourself legally, here are three legal steps you should take following a car accident.

Don’t Admit Guilt

One of the worst things you can do, but something that comes out almost immediately and without thought, can be admitting guilt for the accident by apologizing to the other driver. Although you may feel that saying you’re sorry isn’t really an admission of guilt to the accident being your fault, David Goguen, a contributor to AllLaw.com, shares that even this small and seemingly insignificant admission of guilt can put you in potential hot water with your insurance carrier. Whoever is at fault will generally have to pay for the accident, which is something you likely want to avoid. With this in mind, make sure you watch what you say right after you get in an accident.

Call The Authorities

Even if you don’t think the accident you were in should require police presence, YourLegalFriend.com recommends always calling the police to come to any accident you have involving another vehicle. With the police at the scene, they can help document what happened and make it easier to tell who was truly at fault for the accident. This will make it much easier if you have to go into a legal fight regarding who has to pay for what or if you need to fight a claim with your own insurance company; a lot of the documentation has already been done for you or can serve as a second witness with police records.

Document All Necessary Medical Attention

Car accidents can be tricky because even if you didn’t think you needed immediate medical attention, the next few days following an accident can present problems that stemmed from the accident. And if the accident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t be paying for all the medical expenses on your own. For this reason, HG.org suggests thoroughly documenting all medical attention you receive due to the car accident you were in as a way to protect yourself if your medical needs are legally disputed. This means you document every appointment you go to, pain medicine you receive, and medical procedure you require as a result of the accident. Your medical provider will also have records, but it’s a good idea to keep some yourself as well.

If you don’t know what legal action to take following a car accident, use the tips mentioned above to help you navigate this unfamiliar terrain.

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How to choose best personal injury lawyer?

Generally, the personal injuries are serious matters for everyone that frequently involves major injury, permanent disability and even cause death. In this situation, the main role of personal injury lawyer is recovering financial damages depending upon the victims that are needs to cover compensate for pain, suffering, and medical treatments; replace permanent lost income and so on. Here without qualified lawyers, you cannot tackle this situation so you must choose an attorney who is well experienced and specialized in the personal injury cases. These lawyers are skilful and high talent to keep the current and latest development in the personal injury laws.



Taking Action Against Dental Malpractice

Everyone dreads a trip to the dentist. But such trips are necessary on occasion. You may not like to have the inside of your mouth poked and prodded. However, a rotten tooth, a painful abscess, or some other dental emergency compels you to go. After the procedure, you expect to be healed, or at least on the path of a full recovery. You expect that the problem has been dealt with in the correct way, and that the relevant tools and knowledge of dental science has been brought to bear.

What you should not put up with is either a worsening of the problem or follow on complications because of the procedure. This is unsatisfactory. It is medical malpractice and must be responded to.

Why Dental Malpractice Should Be Reported

Everyone knows that physicians and surgeons can be sued for medical malpractice. There was a time when programs highlighting medical malpractice cases were all the rage on television. This was a kind of service because it educated the public, making them aware of the dangers and the legal means to respond to any case involving doctors who do harm. What most people don’t know is that dentists can be sued as well.

Dental malpractice is underreported. But it poses just as high a risk to health and well-being as other forms of medical malpractice. The negligence of a dental practitioner can lead to life-long tooth and gum problems, serious infection, risk of heart disease, and even death.

Tooth and gum pain is among the wort kinds of pain that anyone can experience. A flare up can consume your entire head. The thumping, constant pain of the mouth can lead you to tears. In some cases, the pain is so deep and intense that it can drive you to the point of madness.

Filing Suit Against Your Dentist

If you are suffering from a dental operation that went wrong, you should first seek relief—perhaps with another dentist. You should then file suit against the dentist whose incompetence has caused you such despair. To do it right you will need the help of an able and experienced lawyer with considerable experience dealing with such cases. You need the kind of lawyer to be found at http://www.tonyseaton.com. This is the best way to get the compensation you deserve.

Dentists, like physicians, go through a long and rigorous education and training process. They must also undertake the appropriate apprenticeship before they are certified. You should expect nothing but the high standards of professionalism when you put yourself under the care of a dentist. The last thing you should have to worry about is leaving a procedure worse off than when you entered it. If this has happened to you, then you should take action. Filing suit will not only get you the money you need to offset the additional medical bills you will incur and the work you may miss; it will also serve notice that such misconduct and incompetence is not acceptable.

10 Things To Remember After A Car Accident

The seconds after being in a car accident often are a blur for the people driving and the passengers.  Unfortunately, this is the time when our minds must stay focused, and retain the ability to gather vital information.  Prepare for the worst, and commit these tips to memory.


In the event of a collision, stop the vehicle immediately.  Positioning of the vehicle is important to determining fault.  Also, no matter the severity of the wreck, it is against the law to leave the scene of an accident.  So sit tight, and wait for the local authorities to arrive.

Assess the situation.

Quickly assess the situation.  Check the status of all passengers in the vehicle.  If they are all well, move on to the other vehicles involved in the collision.  No matter what the outcome, call 911.

Call 911 Emergency services.

Call emergency services immediately after stopping the vehicle and accounting for all passengers.  No matter the severity of the accident, the proper authorities should be notified for records and legal purposes.

Protect the scene.

If the accident occurs in the dark, then turn the vehicle’s flashers on and set flares (if available).  If possible, exit the vehicle and stay away from the road.  Oncoming traffic can pose further threat to those involved.

Make a detailed description of the scene.

Even before the police arrive, take careful note of the entire scene.  If possible, sketch out an aerial view of the accident.  Try to note details like the speed displayed before contact, who was driving each car, and do not discuss fault with the other drivers involved.

Take pictures of the accident.

Pictures are always 100 percent accurate.  Our memory is often imperfect.  Pictures are also considered an admissible source of evidence in a court of law.  Document as much of the scene visually as is possible.  Do not leave this up to the responding officers.  They often have many other tasks to complete.

Exchange personal information with all parties involved.

Though the police will gather information per protocol, it is important to gather the information personally.  Get the name, number, and insurance information from every person involved in the accident.  It is also helpful to tie each name to a specific vehicle, so take note of the make and model of each car involved.

Seek medical attention, if necessary.

If there is no serious injuries that require an ambulance, minor injuries can be handled after the fact.  Once the scene of the collision is secured and all the proper information is gathered, it is good practice to go ahead and get checked out by a doctor.  Insurance companies appreciate prompt documentation of any residual injuries.

Keep records of everything.

Good record-keeping will always be helpful in the long run.  If every small detail is properly documented, then there is little room for confusion and misplaced blame.

Protect the rights of everyone involved.

Almost 100 percent of the time a car accident will result in some sort of legal action.  Be prepared.  Seek legal counsel if the process becomes foreign in any way.  Proper action could mean the difference between a new car and a bus pass.

What To Do If You Are In a Car Accident

When you are in a car accident, your first concern will be to make sure that you and your passengers are alright. If you or anyone you are travelling with has been seriously injured, it will be difficult to think of anything else.  However, if injuries are relatively minor and you are clear-headed, there are some things that you can do to make sure that your right to be compensated for personal injuries that may have been caused by the other driver are protected.  Be sure that you get immediate legal counsel from experienced lawyers – in McAllen Texas, the team at McAllen Car Accident Lawyers will be able to advise you of your rights.  Here are some things to bear in mind so that whatever legal team you work with will be best able to secure compensation.

Call the Police

If an accident is serious, it is very likely that witnesses will already have called the police but in minor accidents it may be up to you to make sure that they are called. You may face resistance from the other driver on this point, who may try to convince you that it isn’t necessary.  However, if your vehicle has been damaged in any way or you have been injured, the police must be called in order to protect your rights.  Don’t forget that you may be in a state of shock and unaware of any injuries until a later point.

Talk to Witnesses

Of course, any injuries requiring immediate medical attention should be your first priority.  However, if there are no urgent medical issues, talking to witnesses should be your first task as they may be quick to move on once emergency personnel have arrived, and may not be interviewed by police.  Don’t be forceful if witnesses are not able to remain on the scene, but do try to get contact information from them so that they can be contacted by the police at a later date.  Ask witnesses what they saw and if possible make notes of what they describe as memories may be quick to fade with respect to the details.

Document the Scene

After speaking to witnesses, document the scene to the best of your ability.  Do not move your vehicle from the site, nor collect any items from your car that may have been thrown to the road.   Take as many photos as are necessary to document the location, any damage to cars or injuries to people, the lighting conditions, the position of vehicles and possessions, and anything else that might be important to supporting your account of events.  Don’t be shy about asking witnesses to do so on your behalf in the event that your phone is damaged.

Document Your Injuries

If you have been injured, seek immediate medical assistance even if the injury seems at the time to be mild.  The medical record and receipts will be important evidence in any actions to seek compensation.

It is difficult to think about protecting your rights in the immediate aftermath of an accident.  However, there is no better time to do so, because you will have only one opportunity to document the events first-hand.  The next order of business should be to contact a lawyer to establish the record so that you will more easily be able to get any compensation you may be entitled to.

Selecting A Personal Injury Attorney

Your neighbor’s kid kicked your dachshund in your front yard, and when you went to talk them about the incident, your neighbor ended up punching you in the nose because “My kid wouldn’t waste his time kicking your rat dog.” Eyes watering and broken nose bleeding, you filled out the police report then promptly went to the doctor. Following the visit, you are staring past your swollen proboscis at a hospital bill that you can’t possibly afford.

What now? You know that the neighbor will never take responsibility for the cost, you know you aren’t going to get any help from your insurance, and you know that you shouldn’t have to pay for something that you aren’t responsible for. What can you do? Well, you can seek help in the form of a personal injury attorney. What are some characteristics of a good personal injury attorney?


Having a lawyer who cares about you and sees what they do as helping you is paramount. This should not just be about business for them, but about helping you solve a problem, now a shared problem. Excellent personal injury attorneys take ownership of your case, bearing the burdens of the struggle with you. They are willing to devote a significant part of their life to you and to do what is best for you.


An excellent attorney will have a reputation with their peers. Interview other attorneys who may be a part of the system but not have anything to lose or gain by their recommendations. If another lawyer thinks highly of the team you will be choosing; that will benefit you as well. If you get a good recommendation from a competitor, even better.


Seeking a history of their experience with personal injury will help you to narrow down the field. Some attorneys specialize in different areas of law. Some may have never tried a case before a jury. Some may have tried many cases, but their results may be less than stellar. Look for an attorney with winning experience, significant exposure to your type of case, and a history of taking matters as far as they need to go.


Finding a lawyer to guide you and educate you about the process will help you to put your fears at bay. You have suffered an injury; you need to know about the law and the system of the law that is meant to protect you and cover you. You need someone to help you deal with the forms, decisions, and timing of each step of the process of process of recovery.

Hopefully, you will find this to be a help as you enter into the process of litigation. A good lawyer can help calm the waters of a turbulent sea between you and your fisticuff slinging neighbor. That and good fences.

Best accident attorney in the society  


Transportation system has developed to its peak. The number of people owning the cars and other automobile is highly increased.  Road accidents are very common in this century.  Improper learning of driving is one of the major reasons.  The number of people being injured and dead in the road accidents are considerably increased in the society.  Drunk and drive is also a reason for increased road accidents. The damages of the accidents consume certain time to bring back to the normal stage.   The victim must spend bulk money to get cured.  Not only the money, but also there are lots of physical pain being  experienced by the accident victim. In order to reduce the number of accidents, the victim must file a case against the people who are cause for the accidents.  It creates the fear among the people who are careless in roads and driving.


It is not easy to run the case against the convict. Most of them try the illegal way to stop the case. But it is the duty of the victim to stand against them.  Lawyer plays a major role in winning the case.  There are many lawyers available in the society. It is essential to find the best accident lawyer. They know the knack to stop the activities of convict against you.  Before selecting the lawyer, refer his previous work and their history of success. Nowadays, many of the attorneys in the society are updating their profile in the internet.  They regularly update their profile with the success and failure in their carrier.  The victim must check if there are any online complaints available against the attorney they choose.  You can easily get the contact details of the attorney by visiting their profiles in internet.  Unlike the olden days, you don’t have to travel or struggle to get their contacting details.

There are many people in the world who cannot afford the cost of treatment caused by accidents or crash, attorney will help you to get that money in the treatment. They also assist you get the money for funeral and burying cost.

If you choose the correct attorney, the chance of winning the case is high. Not only giving penalty to the convict, but the attorney also helps you to claim the money from them.  The amount of money varies with the every case. It depends on the injury. The money you claim will help to cure the injuries and get over it.

Not everything in the world is repairable.  Curing the injuries never bring you back what you are.  There are lots of pains you have to tolerate. In order to save ourselves, we must be aware in what is happening in the road. Extra care must be given when driving.  Follow the every rules and regulations of driving.   Reduce the distractions in the driving.  The safety measures such as wearing the seat belts should be followed.  Try to reduce the chance of being the victim. It is not only affects but also the people who love and care you get affected.


But Why Do you need a Business Plan Before Setting up a personal injury Law Practice?

A business plan will help minimize the difficulty and hard work needed to establish a personal injury law practice. The reasons why a strong plan is required when setting a practice is cited by Linda Pinson in her book “Anatomy of a Business Plan. ”

1. It acts as a guide on how to face the realities associated with setting up a personal injury law practice. In addition, it provides a clear outline of your goals, potentials, strengths, weaknesses and prospects. It also comes with tools for analyzing and implementing changes for boost the profitability of your personal injury law practice.

2. It serves as documentation for financing. Using the plan, you will be able to determine how much capital to put up in your law practice and to predict the amount of money needed to advance the practice’s objectives and boost its profits.

It will require a good deal of strategic thinking to come up with an effective plan if you decide to put up a personal injury law practice on your own. Create a business plan with your particular needs and the needs of your practice in mind. It will help to sign up as an apprentice in a personal law firm to give you a general idea of business-related matters such as payroll, marketing, case management and billing.

Since a useful business plan is an organic document, it should be stored and kept in your computer and updated when necessary. You will find that the plan becomes refined as your practice progresses. In case where you find that you are unable to continue with your business plan, find out whether the plan is unrealistic or you are not keen on doing what is needed to keep the practice going.

According to K. William Gibson, an effective business plan consists of a description of the services that the practice intends to offer; information on the site(s) where the practice is located; a description of the types of clients you want to target; a forecast of future revenues and operating costs; a record of the personal resources that you intend invest to fund your personal injury law practice and a statement of your personal assets and liabilities.

You also need to seek the help of certain professional before writing your business plan. These professionals include a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), A Bar Association Practice Management Advisors and Established Personal injury Lawyers.

A CPA will determine whether your business plan is sound and in correct form and is the person to go to for questions with regards to the rules and regulations of the International Revenue Service and other government agencies.

Practice advisers are commonly ex-active attorneys or law office administrators who had gone through everything you are about to experience.

Experienced personal injury lawyers will provide the mentoring you will need to predict the possible out-of-pocket expenses involved in personal injury lawsuits. You may also ask experienced lawyers for names of vendors and experts who can help you establish cases in the future.

New york Personal Injury Laws

The personal injury laws of New york have twin objectives. One is to protect individuals from getting injured by the rash actions or negligence of others. The second is to ensure that a citizen is duly compensated for the physical and mental damages he suffers as a consequence of such carelessness or recklessness. The laws cover a wide field including road and rail accidents, slip and fall, construction accidents, defective products and medical malpractice.

Laws and precedents, which mean earlier decisions by courts, govern cases relating to personal injury. The fundamental principle is that no person has the right to cause harm to another either by acts of commission or omission. In the context, negligence means the failure to take prudent care. One example is a man taking out his ferocious dog without a leash. Another instance is driving around in a defective vehicle. A manufacturer who sells his product knowing that it may cause harmful consequences is also liable if a customer is injured while using it.

Damages for which compensation can be claimed are not limited to physical injuries. Mental agony and emotional stress could also be included in the claim for compensation, along with medical expenses and a lot of other things. It is advisable to have a lawyer experienced in personal injury cases work out the claim. Several competent attorneys practice in the different branches of personal injury law in New york.

According to the law, the person who makes the claim has to prove that he was injured because of the other individual’s fault. It often happens that the victim was also partially responsible. In those instances, the court is likely to look into the percentage of fault.

The statute of limitations allows an adult only three years to file a case for compensation for personal injuries.

Must You have a Qualification to have a Job in Personal injury Law?

If you have always wanted to be a practicing lawyer but did not obtain the grades that you needed to go to university, is there still a chance that you can have the job that you always wanted?

Many people dream of being a lawyer and the field of personal injury law is often very appealing as it allows you to use your legal skills to help an injured person rebuild their life after a serious injury. However, if you did not obtain the necessary A Levels to win a place at University, can you still obtain a job in the field of personal injury law and work towards your ultimate goal of gaining qualification?

You will be pleased to hear that you can and perhaps even more surprised to hear that you can do it in a variety of ways:

1. Return to full time education (the least appealing for most people if they need to earn an income).
2. Work and study to become a Legal Executive or Solicitor.
3. Work and study to obtain a Diploma or other industry recognised qualification.
4. Work and learn your legal expertise without taking any formal examinations.

We will look at each of these in turn to see how you can obtain a job in the area of personal injury law.

1. Return to Full Time Education.
If you did not like the idea of full time education the firs time around it is not likely that you will want to enter it now, but it does remain an option for you. I won’t spend more time on it as I think you will be more interested in the other opportunities below.

2. Work And Study To become a Legal Executive Or Solicitor.
You can train whilst working to become a Legal Executive. This is a recognized legal qualification that, with changes to the current legal structure of solicitors that are now in place, now allow you to ultimately own a share in a solicitors practice. However, if you work and study and qualify as a Legal Executive you can then, if you decide to, progress to qualify as a solicitor. Many trainee legal executive positions are offered by solicitors and a large number of these are often in the field of personal injury law. If this is of interest to you, you can find out more information from the Institute of Legal Executives.

3. Work And Study To obtain a Diploma Or Other Industry Recognized Qualification.
If you want to fast track your entrance in the personal injury career market you could obtain a personal injury specific qualification. A Diploma or a Certificate will cost you less and should make you more attractive as a potential employee than if you have no experience or qualifications at all. An internet search for “Personal Injury Diploma/Certificate” should show you what is available for you.

4. Work And Learn Your Legal Expertise Without Taking Any Formal Examinations.
The final option is to look for a job that does not require you to have any legal qualifications in the hope that once you are employed you can show how eager you are and your employer might then invest in your future education. You could obtain any of a number of jobs from an office junior to a receptionist or a legal secretary. You might want to simply try working in the legal profession to ensure that it is the career you had hoped for.

You can still work in the legal profession without existing qualifications and I hope this article has given you enough information to show you how you can do it. If it is still your dream, now is the time to take some action!