Six Dirty Tricks Foreclosure Attorneys Play

The foreclosure process can be very tricky especially if you don’t know what to expect. One thing hold very true that if you don’t know your rights as a homeowner in foreclosure others will violate those rights you let them INCLUDING foreclosure attorneys. Arming yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to effectively stop foreclosure yourself will prevent banks and foreclosure attorneys from violating your rights and give your the power to get out of foreclosure now.

Here Are Six Dirty Tricks Foreclosing Attorneys Will Play

1. Do not Follow State Foreclosure Laws
Banks just assume that you don’t know your rights and will operate accordingly.

2. Carryout Foreclosures Knowing Mortgage lenders Can’t Prove Ownership
Many foreclosures are carried out without prove of ownership because homeowners don’t demand proof of ownership.

3. Do not Respond to Homeowner Requests to Validate Debt
Attorney will hold out on responding to your request to validate debt in hope of selling your home and the court house steps first

4. Purposely Misrepresent the real Creditor Foreclosing (Often Names MERS “Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc” the Creditor even when a mortgage Assignment exists)
This very common with the mortgage note was sold many time over and attorneys will try to hide the real owner of the note by having MERS foreclosure in their name. Note MERS has not authority to foreclose on anyone.

5. Neglect to Send Certified Foreclosure Notices
Attorney have been known to neglect to notify at parties involved properly yet they will proceed to foreclosure if you do not call them on it

6. Hire Property Inspection Companies to Harass Homeowners
Attorneys have been known to use this tactic to try to intimidated the homeowner into leaving even before the foreclosure sale has taken place.

Why You need a Foreclosure Attorney

Everyone knows that the real estate market isn’t exactly thriving right now. The rate of foreclosures has increased significantly in the past 3-5 years. The situation that U. S. homeowners are facing is much the same around the nation. People either got into a home that they couldn’t afford or they are experiencing a particular set-back such as health issues, job loss and more.

Too many homeowners are foreclosing on their homes. But, an even more alarming number of these homeowners are doing it the wrong way.

Is there a right way and a wrong way to foreclose on your home? Absolutely. If you have been forced to foreclose on your home, you need to do it the right way. You need to find a Utah foreclosure attorney.

A Utah foreclosure attorney can help advise you throughout the entire foreclosure process. If you proceed without a foreclosure attorney, you might be extremely frustrated with the lengthy process and with the lack of information that your bank or lending institution provides.

That is why you need a Utah foreclosure attorney. Your attorney can help you determine whether or not you qualify for assistance from the federal government and/or the Utah state government.

Your foreclosure attorney has specific training and experience to help you through this difficult time. There are specific programs that may be available to you as well. Your attorney will help you find these programs, apply for these programs and possibly, be approved for these programs. These programs include: Hope for Homeowners, FHA Secure, Utah Foreclosure Avoidance Counseling-HUD, The home Affordable Refinance Program and more.

If you are facing a foreclosure, you need the help of a qualified Utah foreclosure attorney. This is one process that should not be completed without specific legal counsel. Simply put, the foreclosure process will be faster, more efficient and less chaotic with the help of an attorney.

Foreclosure Attorneys and Home loan Modifications

Are you lagging behind in your monthly mortgage payments? Do you foresee tough financial situations ahead that would pose problems in meeting your monthly mortgage commitment? Then we suggest you consult a loan mortgage modification expert to amend your mortgage in order to avoid foreclosure and enable you to make regular payments to your lender under the modified terms and conditions.

You may argue that it is not such a big deal and it may not be required to hire a loan modification attorney but a lot of homeowners have felt the pinch of not hiring the services of one after they have lost their homes to foreclosure. First of all, let us all agree that a loan modification attorney, as the name suggests is an expert in the field of loan modification who can handle the entire process by making it less complicated. He can sort out issues concerning interest rate, monthly payment options and the other terms and conditions of the loan arrangement with ease.
Here we tell you the main reasons why you should go in for a loan modification attorney. By taking the assistance of one, your loan modification process will go smooth. Since the attorney is an expert in the field, he will know exactly how to get you a good deal and customize the loan package in your favor. Loan modification attorneys normally have the requisite experience in handling arbitration’s, disputes and other forms of negotiations and dealings. So, they become the obvious choice to negotiate with your lender.

Creditors and money lenders don’t usually like haggling with lawyers and hence will prefer to close the negotiations as quickly and amicably as possible. Besides, legal contracts and jargon’s are best understood by lawyers who are professionally competent to convince the creditors and get you better waivers and concessions.

Usually, the process of loan modification takes a lot of time. By hiring a loan modification attorney, you can save a lot of time and energy. Since the basic objective is to save you money on the loan front, the lawyer will help in making the loans more affordable. He should be able to get you a lower interest rate, waive late payments, if any, lower your mortgage amount and bring down your overall loan balance.

Considering that the loan process is not an easy one, hiring a professional to handle all the legal and paper work gives you the confidence to negotiate better with your lender and save you the hassles of foreclosure and bankruptcy. Don’t fight your battle alone against big loan companies, find out how helpful a foreclosure attorney can be.

In light of today’s economy, foreclosure is a very real possibility for a number of property owners in many states. In the face of this frightening prospect, a foreclosure defense lawyer at the Porter Law firm may be able to help. With a strong foundation of knowledge and experience with real estate law and foreclosure proceedings, the attorneys at the Porter Law firm have been able to help numerous property owners. In these situations, it is important to act quickly in order to stay foreclosure proceedings and save the property. Consulting a foreclosure defense attorney immediately after being served a notice of foreclosure is the best way to get started.

How to find a Foreclosure Attorney

If you are facing foreclosure, the key to getting your mortgage out of default and back current is to find a great foreclosure attorney. In addition to finding a great lawyer, you need to make sure that you have all of the money that is required to bring your payments back up to date and are able to afford making your future mortgage payments on time. At first glance, it may seem as if your situation is hopeless, but in reality it isn’t. Everything that you need to do to save your home from foreclosure is in your grasp; you just need to act on it.

First, you must find the right foreclosure attorney for your case. If you have never hired a lawyer before, this may seem like it is a foreign concept to you. Relax; you can learn how to find a foreclosure attorney that will help get you out of this nightmare.

It will benefit you greatly to go to your local legal aid organization and explain your situation to them. There is no need to be embarrassed because many good people can end up having to deal with foreclosures. It is not a reflection on you or your character. The legal aid counsel will be able to provide you with a list of lawyers who specialize in foreclosures.

Once you get home and take a really good look at that list, you should start calling each foreclosure attorney on the list and ask him or her if they can schedule you for a free consultation. If any lawyer says that there is a fee for the initial consult, then you may want to avoid using that lawyer, since many reputable lawyers do not charge to meet with their clients for the first time.

Keep your appointment for the consults. This is your opportunity to meet the attorneys and give them details regarding your case. They can tell you if they are willing to help you by taking on your case or they can refer you to an attorney that is even better equipped to handle your case.

Pay close attention to how the lawyer responds to you. They should be pleasant to interact with, cordial and very open and responsive to any questions you may have. You shouldn’t feel rushed or uneasy. This meeting is where you are interviewing the foreclosure attorney to see if you want to hire them to work for you.

Find out about their fees. Make sure that you are aware of any retainer fees and other miscellaneous fees. Remember, you are facing foreclosure because you were not able to afford your payments, so you don’t want to burden yourself with a high priced lawyer that you can’t afford.

Get a contract. Make sure that contract outlines all of their fees and all of the expected services your lawyer is going to use for your case. Keep in mind, that until your case is completely resolved, the total amounts of your lawyer’s fees are only an estimate. The final price can go up or down.

Four Things to keep in mind When Choosing a Foreclosure Attorney

There are many homeowners who are on the ropes but not down and out looking to fight foreclosure of their homes. In order to do this a homeowner has to hire a dedicated hit man (or hit a woman) from the legal field to properly represent them in a court of law. Foreclosure attorneys specialize in keeping homeowners in their homes by examining the legalities behind the bank’s claim to foreclose.

1. Research before Seeking an attorney

First things first when it comes to foreclosures, before seeking the legal counsel of a foreclosure attorney contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development, also known as HUD. On their website there is a listing of the different states and local attorneys for their counseling services can cover cases of mortgage delinquency and default resolution. An experienced Counselor can grease the wheels of the legal machine works to get a mortgage modification that will benefit a homeowner.

2. Arrange the Materials

Before you start any legal actions it is important to get the papers in order to make the attorney’s job as easy as possible. By consulting with a HUD-certified counselor you can forgo large consultation fees with normal attorneys while getting the information you need. They will advise you on what paperwork should be present when consulting with your attorney.

3. How to find a Lawyer

After consulting with a HUD-certified counselor and you need a lawyer, the internet is a great place to seek one out. A website such as the Legal Aid Office, Legal Services Corporation, and NACA are good places to start. Some of these services check your income level to see if you qualify for their services, if not they can point you in the direction of another lawyer.

4. Talking to an Attorney

When you have a meeting with a lawyer it is important to bring all the necessary paperwork along. Remember, Lawyers are highly professional and charge for their consultation so make everything as concise as possible. One major mistake that people make when meeting up with a lawyer is they express a lot of emotions relating to the foreclosure case. All the lawyer needs to know are the factual details of your situation. Also, have in mind what course of action you are looking to get, a mortgage extension or perhaps a new loan workout. If there are any signs of predatory lending make sure your lawyer knows about is as this can make a case much simpler to work on.

The benefits of Hiring a Foreclosure Attorney

Having to deal with a foreclosure may make you feel as if you are at the end of your rope. Even though the situation has gotten far beyond your control, you still have options that may help to save your home. Even if that is not possible, you can at least avoid having this situation tarnish your credit. Seek out the services of a foreclosure attorney and they can help guide you out of this mess and into a better situation.

With the assistance of a foreclosure attorney, you can still negotiate with the banks to see if an amended agreement can be made, allowing you to keep your home by making payments that you can afford. Since you have a much better chance with a foreclosure attorney at your side, it is important that you are prepared for any agreement that is made. This means that if the banks decide to allow you to keep your home by raising or decreasing your payments, you need to have the money ready and available to accept those terms.

It would help if you evaluate what circumstances caused you to fall behind on your payments and what you need to do to continue making payments on time. Sometimes this means that you may need to find an additional job or two, and you may need to start budgeting and getting rid of unnecessary expenses to help save more money for your mortgage payments.

It is important for you to realize the gravity of the situation. Banks don’t take it too lightly if you miss payments and continue to make late payments. Be sure to properly prioritize your finances. Even if you are struggling with a tight income, it is best to pay your mortgage first to keep the debt collectors off of your back as much as possible.

Once your foreclosure attorney makes sense of things, it is up to you to make sure that you do not default again. Just because you may have been given another chance doesn’t mean that you are entitled to one again in the future.

If your home cannot be saved, it may be because you waited too long to contact a foreclosure attorney for help. You may think that there is no reason for you to use an attorney now, but if you want to save the integrity of your credit so that you won’t run into any roadblocks for future home purchases, you will need the services of a good lawyer. Capable attorneys can negotiate an arrangement with the banks such that if you bring the default current and continue to make modest payments on a timely basis, then they may not report the foreclosure to the credit bureaus.

You have everything to lose when you are facing foreclosure; when you hire the right attorney, you have everything to gain.

Causes of Foreclosure and Getting the help of a Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Everyone knows what a defense attorney is. However a day in the life of a Los angeles foreclosure defense attorney is much worse than that of a normal attorney. Regular defense attorneys defend criminals and victims. Foreclosure attorneys defend people trying to keep their homes.

In this day and age it’s not uncommon to hear about foreclosure especially in Los angeles. People are getting evicted from their homes at a very fast rate. However in about half the cases the tenants have paid the rent on time. In these cases it’s the landlord who is at fault.

Sometimes the landlord cannot make the payments on time, or messes around and gets caught. The banks then move in and foreclose on the property. They do not care whether the tenants have made payments or not. They simply remove all occupants from the property because the landlord didn’t do his job properly.

In most foreclosure cases, though, it is simply because the homeowner cannot (or will not) make mortgage payments on time. If a court case results, you can present your finances to the court and you might stand a fighting chance to keep your home if you have a good defense for your actions. This is where a Los Angeles attorney can be a huge help.

A Los angeles foreclosure case will have a defense attorney working for both sides: one for the bank and one for the homeowner. When they represent the bank, they must prove that the lender has a valid and irrefutable claim to the property when the mortgage has not been paid. On the other side of the table, an attorney will be trying to prove that the homeowner had no choice but to forfeit a mortgage payment due to a situation out of their control. Sometimes an agreement can be met in which the bank will set up a payment plan that the homeowner can afford and the homeowner can stay in the house as long as payments are made on time.

The job of a Los Angeles foreclosure defense attorney can be a difficult and stressful one. Not only are most of the clients either being kicked out of or kicking others out of a house, but the attorney has to argue on the account of only one side at a time. This can be difficult to do it you can see reason from both party’s claim.

Foreclosure Isn’t Your Only Option!

If you are looking for a Dallas foreclosure defense attorney, you may or may not be finding it difficult to select one. Foreclosure attorneys specialize in helping people who are faced with the possibility of inevitability of foreclosure. A good attorney will have only your best interest and will do everything in his or her power to help you seek any options available.

Unfortunately, the worldwide recession has caused a huge increase in the number of foreclosures, and there is no sign of the numbers lessening. Many people are unaware that when faced with a foreclosure, there are options available which could help you save your home. The best thing you can do is to engage the services of a Dallas attorney as soon as you are faced with the possibility of a foreclosure. This will boost your chances of getting to keep your house.

While filing for bankruptcy is one option available to some, it may not be the right choice for your situation. There are other options available, and a Dallas foreclosure lawyer can help bring these options to light, as well as offer any advice towards the course of action they feel would best suit your circumstance. If the lending companies can have lawyers help them through claiming homes, you are definitely entitled and advised to do the same in order to stand a fighting chance of keeping your home.

There are also many mortgage and sub-prime lending fraud that has occurred and uncovering this can lead you to not having to foreclose on your home. Many sub-prime mortgages were assigned to individuals when they should not have been and in this case it is the bank that were committing fraud on the loan application as it should not have been approved.

There are defense lawyers in the Dallas area who specialize in foreclosure and other attorneys that specialize in foreclosure fraud directed towards the banks and financial institutes. You should know that there are always options available and a foreclosure defense attorney can help you navigate the legal aspects of foreclosure.

Understanding Foreclosure Alternatives

Many people find themselves in the midst of a foreclosure because they do not understand their options. Homeowners who are facing foreclosure can seek alternatives to in order to avoid losing their homes or having to go through a foreclosure.

Mortgage Modification

Sometimes lenders will work with homeowners to modify their existing mortgage in order to make payments more affordable. Few people realize that mortgage lenders don’t actually want to foreclose on a home. Foreclosure is a costly process and more often than not, lenders lose money on a property in the process. As a result they will often work with homeowners to make alternative arrangements as long as those arrangements are reasonable.

Short Sale

If it’s not possible to come current on payments and there is only one lender that owns the lien on your house, one might attempt to short sale their property. Like mortgage modification, a short sale requires the cooperation of the lender. Again, a lender will often work with possible short sale buyers as long as their offers are reasonable because although they may not re-coup the full value of the loan in a short sale, it’s often still less expensive than pursuing a foreclosure.


Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure process while homeowners reorganize their finances. If the bankruptcy is granted, the court will impose a payment plan designed to pay off all debt owed within a specific period of time. As long as an individual makes the payments, their assets are protected.

Work with a Foreclosure Attorney

A foreclosure attorney can mediate between homeowners and the lender to stop the foreclosure process while homeowners bring their payments current. Additionally, a foreclosure attorney can insure that homeowner rights are honored during the process.

Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late

A major mistake that many homeowners make is waiting until foreclosure proceedings have begun to take action. Lenders are typically more willing to work with proactive homeowners who demonstrate an interest in working out an arrangement and bringing payments current before the lender files for foreclosure. Time becomes of the essence as well when homeowners wait. Although foreclosure can take months, particularly for those clients who live in states in which foreclosure must be pursued through the court system, it’s still very limited in the context of dealing with bureaucratic agencies through which filing a claim or notice can take weeks. It’s important to understand when a situation is on the verge of becoming dire and erring on the side of conservative rather than risking one’s house.

How to Stop Foreclosure Attorney

– How to Select Your If you think that you can undergo the process of stop foreclosure by yourself then you better have a rethink. The process could be tedious and tricky. You need a professional to help you in the process. One of the professionals you must not do without when dealing with foreclosure is an attorney. Yes, you need an attorney. An experienced foreclosure attorney should be contacted to help you save your home even when you have fallen behind in mortgage payment. This article is a guide on why and how to select a stop foreclosure attorney.

When your lender or bank issues you a Notice of Default (NOD), then foreclosing your home is imminent. It is natural that you panic but never lose sight of what you can do. The services of a stop-foreclosure attorney should be engaged immediately.

Here Are Ways The Attorney Can help you:

– Counseling you on what your options are before the foreclosure is completed. He/she would have to advise you on what steps to take to avoid foreclosure.

– Helping you out in legal proceedings if you have decided on bankruptcy. The attorney can stand in for you to invoke chapters 7, 11, or 13 of the bankruptcy law to legally stop foreclosure.

Getting a stop foreclosure attorney is really a great idea. If you don’t know how to deal with foreclosure issues, you can engage one today.

Here are Tips To Selecting a Good Stop Foreclosure Attorney:

– Check on the experience of the attorney – Find out the numbers of foreclosure cases handled by this attorney and how he/she fared in each. This could be a kind of rating that will assist your selection.

– Check on the academic and professional background – Find out from the local Bar Association where the attorney resides or operates about their qualification. This will help you know if the attorney is certified to do the job or not.

– Find out about the fees charged for this by the attorney. You need to go for an attorney that would give you the best including the best of charges. Compare charges of stop foreclosure attorneys online and beware of attorneys that demand upfront payment online.

The above are some reasons why you need to engage and select a stop-foreclosure attorney in your area and how to go about choosing the best one. Remember – it might cost you some money to hire the services of a good stop foreclosure lawyer, but it will be money that was well spent at the end of the day, especially when you are able to successfully stop the process on your home and keep your home.