Two of the Abstract Purposes of Law Education

Three self-asked questions initiated me to write this article: why can’t a legal specialist in one country, be equally a legal specialist in all other countries around the world? What can i do, should what I am schooled is different from the real practice in the society? And finally, can I still understand or deal with the law, if the laws adopted by the legislative institution that were once taught in school and latter amended or totally changed, after I become a law practitioner in the society?

Most of us do not know two of the hidden purposes of law education: “being able to deal with brand-new situation and following the positive or negative legal evolution in the society. ”

Everything, to some extent, always positively and negatively changes; however this tendency has never been taught or been informed in school; it is the hidden purpose of law education. Other subjects besides law may be the same, but I just want to be specific in law subject, to make it easier for me to explain and to make the readers easier to understand this article.

Every law subjects taught in school might not be totally the same as the real practice in the society, or I can say they may be totally different. This is what I call: the social reality. Studying law is also about knowing the social reality. The professors and the learners themselves should teach and be prepared for the always-fluctuated tendency in the society; otherwise we can’t be a law specialist.

To me, always making ourselves deeply aware of the real situations not only in the country where the law subjects are taught, but also in other countries around the world, would make us law specialists, then can always adapt to the new situation and be equally a law specialist in any country that we want to work in.

The second purpose of law education is “closely follow the legal evolution. ” Indeed, as the society diversifies, governmental changes from one mandate to another, laws always change to get on track with these social trends. So the purpose of law education, in this point, is to be always able to follow the legal evolution in the society, the amendments or even the total changes of the laws in the society. Law specialist must be able to practice or give legal advice, no matter how the laws have changed or in even any form of government.

Remember! We are not studying laws for today law specialist, but to always be a law specialist, until we die. And we are not studying law to practice in only one society, we are studying law to practice in any society and any situation.

My advices on law education:

1- Prepare yourself to be a professional problem solver, if you want to study law.

2- Adapting yourself to and always closely follow the legal evolution are the two most important sources to become an internationally-recognized law specialist.

3- Good to the most is the purpose of law.

4- If you study law to be a rich, you will only be rich when you are living, but you will be the poorest, after you die.

Online Law School – A great Option for a More Affordable Law Degree

Many people these days are trying to figure out what their next career move will be given the current state of the economy. While this question has always been a tough one in the past, the decision would usually present itself in a short period of time. For some the answer was graduate school, even with the high expense, and for others the answer was to start a job that might turn into a career. Today, however, with many family support networks also feeling the pinch of hard economic times, and fewer job openings to choose from, the decision seems more like a nightmare.

To further complicate matters, an undergraduate degree that is limited in scope and applicability may even make finding a position incredibly difficult. For example, a person with a degree in environmental science who wanted and expected to find employment in an engineering or environmental science field is now learning that the construction and building sector has still not recovered from the housing crash.

A sad analogy could be made to the classic story of the three little pigs. In the case of the recently graduated college student their education has prepared them but only to build a house made of straw, not wood or bricks. In other words, their skills are not transferable to other job positions and when the proverbial wind blows, as we have all seen and experienced with the current economic climate, their house is blown down.

One way to avoid that situation is to receive the type of education that is well rounded and is applicable to many different positions and careers and that allows a person to be flexible and have options to choose from given the current economic situation. One option is to attend law school. While this might not seem obvious at first glance, upon further examination, law school is one of the only choices that provides a well rounded educational experience that can help make an individual truly capable and prepared to take on a number of career paths.

In our society law school is the only option to best become a sort of renaissance individual, and capable of choosing what they will do for a living. Such an education can give a person the breath of knowledge and the educational training to succeed in a variety of careers and positions. An education in the law requires a person to understand and become competent in a variety of areas that may not be evident at first glance. In addition to the multitude of areas of law that range from Torts to Real estate to Immigration and Divorce to the less obvious skills required in understanding legal matters such as knowledge of history and politics and the ability to write and think in a critical manner. In other words, by attending law school you will become a truly well rounded individual with knowledge and skills that are applicable across a wide spectrum of careers which ultimately will make you an excellent candidate for a variety of positions.

While the idea of attending law school may seem daunting given the time and expense involved there does exist at least one realistic and achievable option that takes full advantage of today’s technology to make that goal a reality. Online law school is the only on-line law school that provides the quality education that is required to achieve the goal of preparing one to succeed. Traditional law school is generally too expensive to seriously consider attending. Online law schools are not. Because the school is on-line there is no campus and all of the expense associated with a large facility. The fees are very reasonable, especially compared to traditional existing law schools.

Online law schools offer real time classes that make the most of existing technology. The classes at Online law schools are offered in what is called “real time”. That means that each class has an instructor who is conducting that class in person utilizing video conferencing technology with every person in the class at the same time. Whether the professor is lecturing to the students as a group or engaging in the Socratic method and calling on one student at a time, the entire process takes place in a manner not unlike a traditional law school classroom. Each student can engage the professor as well as watch and learn from others as they ask and answer questions. And of course, like in a traditional classroom, students can engage with one another to speak and to share insights.

It does not happen that often a person has the opportunity to experience and fully utilize the advancements in technology that have occurred in our society. The technology that Online law schools are utilizing, just of few short years ago the notion of speaking to another person while viewing them simultaneously was unheard of by the average person. The technology existed but was only used by large and wealthy corporations or found in science fiction movies depicting some future society. For the students at Online law schools that future reality is now.

Importance of Financial Aid in Funding College Educationc

The last few years have been a real test for those who have unshakable faith in the higher education system. With the state of the economy touching new lows and rendering millions of Americans jobless, serious questions were raised over the wisdom of investing money in a fancy college degree.

However, there are statistics to support those who believe that college education opens the door to high paying careers. According to the U. S. Census Bureau’s 2005-2007 American Community Survey, the average yearly income of a high school graduate was $26, 712, while those with some college or associate’s degree earned $32, 793 per annum. The earnings of those with a bachelor’s and graduate or professional degree were $46, 277 and $61, 014 per year respectively.

Clearly, the numbers speak for themselves and the argument is won in favor of a college education. But not everyone has the financial resources to fund higher education. For such people, college financial aid comes as a ray of hope. Many colleges offer financial counseling to students and educate them about the various federal aids available to them to fund their education.

Federal financial aid for students includes scholarships, grants, and subsidized loans given on the basis of financial need as opposed to academic accomplishment. Besides, some state agencies also offer grants to deserving students. Some of the prominent federal financial aid programs are:

Pell Grant: It is a need-based grant that is usually given to undergraduate students. Unlike a loan, a student doesn’t have to repay a Pell Grant. The amount of grant can vary from year to year and will depend on factors such as financial need, cost to attend college, whether you are a full time or part time student, and whether you plan to attend college for a full academic year or less.

Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG): This is also a need based grant and can be a part of a student’s overall aid package subject to availability of funds. Priority is given to students who have already received a Pell Grant. A student can get up to $4000 as part of this grant.

Federal Stafford Loan: This is one more source of college financial aid offered by the federal government. These are fixed rate student loans offered to undergraduate and graduate students provided they are enrolled in at least a part time program. Students can apply for both subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans. Subsidized Stafford loans are only given to students who demonstrate a financial need. Students who take this loan need to start making payments six months after they graduate.

Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students: This is yet another federal financial aid for college students. It is a low interest loan that parents of a dependent undergraduate student can take to fund the cost of entire education. This loan is not available to parents of independent students.

The U. S. Congress passed a bill in 2008 that proposed sweeping changes to the country’s higher education law. The bill sought to improve the college financial aid programs and its highlights included simplification of the federal financial aid form and availability of Pell grant throughout the year. Rebuilding the education system is evidently one of the top most priorities of the government and if they are successful in their endeavor, it’ll be a huge bonus for the future of post-secondary education.

Education Law – 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Just like in the commercial world, the education sector is bound by laws and regulations. Schools, Colleges, University and other educational establishments are increasing having to rely on legal assistance in order to ensure that the law is adhered to, and to settle disputes.

Education Law solicitors can advise on all legal issues that affect the education sector. Here are 10 of the common issues that Education Law covers.

1. Generating Income

Schools and other educational establishments are looking at different ways to create more income. By complying with education laws, income, and return on investment can be maximised.

2. Compliance

Educational establishments need to comply with discrimination laws and other workers’ and pupils’ rights. Staff and pupils shouldn’t be discriminated against because of their gender, age, skin colour, race, religious beliefs, and sexuality, or for any other reason.

3. Special Eduational Needs

Schools that teach pupils with Special Educational Needs need to ensure that they are fully compliant with the relevant laws. Sometimes there are appeals and tribunals. And experienced Education Law professional can help either side to ensure that their voice is heard.

4. Grants and Loans

Some schools are fee paying schools, and so contracts will need to created and amended as necessary. In addition, grants and scholarships will need to be distributed evenly, and fairly. If there are any complaints or discrepancies, and Education Law solicitor will be able to help.

5. Interaction with the Private Sector

The education sector is looking at more ways of working with businesses, so that students and graduates have the relevant skills that businesses need. Education Laws ensure that the pupils are not exploited or undervalued.

6. Pupil Behaviour

Pupil behaviour has been increasingly in the news recently, and not always for the right reasons. From truancy to violence in the classroom, Education Law solicitors can advise either party to help achieve a suitable outcome.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

Computer and other technical work is more prevalent in schools and colleges nowadays, and the issue of Intellectual Property is increasingly important. Education Law can help advise on the legalities of work produced at school.

8. Students and Admissions

Popular schools, colleges and universities are often oversubscribed. This often leads to unhappy parents and pupils. Education Law can help ensure that all policies and procedures are followed properly, and that those who have not been admitted haven’t been discriminated against.

9. Land and Property

School, Colleges and universities are increasingly either in need of more land and property, or trying to sell off unused land or property. Education Law makes sure that the acquisition or disposal of land and property is done properly.

10. Accidents at School

Unfortunately accidents at school do happen, and these can sometimes be serious. Pupils and staff have a right to expect that the school buildings and equipment is safe, and there could be grounds for compensation. Accidents whilst at school could include any slips or trips in the playground, or on the sports pitch, as well as incidents in the chemistry laboratory or on a geography field trip. Education Law solicitors help to ensure that cases are dealt with properly.

How to Fund Your Legal Education

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of people don’t pursue a legal career is because they don’t believe that they can afford to pay for a legal education. However, there are all kinds of ways that you can find the capital to pay for law school, you just need to know where to find it. Here is how to fund your legal education.

Fill out the FAFSA.

FAFSA stands for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid – and it is one of the only applications that you won’t have to pay for in life. This is the best way for the government to determine whether or not you qualify for federal aid. They will measure your income or your parents’ income – contingent upon your dependent status – and determine whether or not you belong to a socioeconomic class that is the most in need of federal aid. If so, then you will receive a certain percentage of reduced tuition depending on your status.

Compete for Scholarships

If you need further funding or if you do not qualify for federal aid, you want to compete for any applicable scholarship. If you have a very impressive GPA and SAT or ACT scores, then you will be a great candidate for a scholarship. If you do receive federal aid that covers tuition but not room and board and you don’t qualify for a scholarship, then you might want to consider reducing your costs by taking an online program, like USC Online, so that you can still earn your degree from a prestigious school, without incurring the costs of living on or near campus. If you do qualify for a scholarship, the percentage of your tuition reduction will be dependent on both your transcripts and your financial need.

Apply for Grants

Some students don’t qualify for federal aid or are awarded scholarships, or the amount that is covered just isn’t enough for them to afford their legal education completely. If this is the case for you, then you should start looking into grants. Grants are given by private philanthropic organizations, and there are all kinds of them out there. You should definitely do some research and find out if there are any grants that apply to your situation. You will need to send your transcripts, letters of recommendation and some kind of essay just like with normal college applications, so be sure that you have all of these things on file.

Take Out Student Loans

If you don’t raise enough funds to pay for your legal education through federal aid, scholarships or grants, then you are going to need to apply for a loan. You will need to have decent credit in order to qualify for a good loan, and you will want to keep that loan as small as possible. Otherwise, you will be spending far too long paying it off. You want to be sure that the loan affords you the ability to pay all of your living expenses while you’re going to school, but you don’t want to have too much extra, or you could get yourself too far into debt. Either way, it’s usually best to go with federal loans, rather than private loans, because you will be able to get a better interest rate.

Is Law School Worth the Money?

Law school can be a brutish endeavor – no matter if you go to Northeastern University or Harvard Law School. During the middle of your first semester, you may start to wonder why you got into the mess in the first place. However, having a law degree can allow you the opportunity to land in a very lucrative field. Moreover, it can provide a new and exciting adventure every day, especially when a new, challenging case comes in.

However, give how expensive law school can be, it can be hard to know whether it is worth the money. It is difficult, the industry is competitive and you will be working incredibly long hours. After a while, you will wonder where your life went. However, the truth is that if you are passionate about the law then law school is definitely worth attending. Here are some excellent reasons why.Is Law School Worth the


High Earnings Potential

One of the biggest reasons why law school is worth it is because of your future salary. Depending on where you land and what type of law you choose to practice, our base salary can be incredibly high. In fact, it is one of the few careers where you can easily pay off your student loans in just a few years.


Personally Rewarding Work

If you practice a certain type of law that gives you the power to stand up for people that are less fortunate, you are doing humanity a big service. This is especially the case if you join the public defender’s office, become a consumer advocate, or even if you take on class action law suits where a company has harmed entire communities of families. Knowing that you are doing something good and positive can make all the money and time that you put into college worth it.

Time to Refresh and Recharge.

During your college years, you may not have all the time in the world to go on a vacation or recharge. However, when you are a lawyer and you are making a high annual salary, you will definitely have the the money to go on luxurious vacations. Of course, time may be harder to come by but after earning seniority in your firm or practice you should be able to afford some time off. These vacations will be essential to recharging and rebooting so that you can get back to work and really make a difference.


Satisfy Your Dreams

One of the biggest enjoyments of your job won’t be the money, or the fancy car, or the house – it will be the difference you make, the challenge of a case and the vindication from getting a positive verdict from the judge. Once you build up your reputation in the law community, you will start to get addicted to it.


Law Firm Perks

On top of everything, if you decide to go into corporate law or join a high powered law firm then you will have more than just a high salary waiting for you. Corner offices with amazing view, expense accounts and employee parties and appreciation events will certainly make your job the envy of all of your friends.

Law School Admissions Do’s and Don’ts

Getting into a law school can be tough. In fact, some of the top law schools can make it incredibly difficult. Not only do you have to fill out a lengthy application – you also have to write a letter of intent. A lot of schools these days require that you prove how much you want to become a lawyer and they want to know why.

Considering the fact that law school is so difficult to get into, you want to be sure that you know some of the basic do’s and don’ts. Staying away from the basic faux pas will help your application rise higher and higher to the top of the heap and it will increase your chances of being accepted. Moreover, you want to know some of the do’s so that you can really impress the admissions officer. Here are some law school admissions do’s and don’ts.


DO: Highlight Your Extracurricular Activities

Showing that you engaged in extracurricular activities will definitely help your chances of getting accepted into law school. In your undergrad years, your counselor or advisor most likely encouraged you to join groups or other academic clubs. You want to include your involvement in everything in your admissions package.

Law School dos

 DON’T: Dress Down

When you visit the law school and actually have a face-to-face meeting, you want to be sure that you are dressed appropriately. Business casual or business professional is the recommended attire, but if you are unsure than always err on the side of dressier. Of course, you don’t want to over dress – wearing a tux may be overboard, but you do want to look sharp. It is law school after all, so you don’t want to look like you just got out of bed.

DO: Get Plenty of Sleep Before Your Interview

Indeed, sleep is critical, especially before your big law school application interview. Of course, if you were earning NEC’s masters in project management, or if you were taking an online course, you wouldn’t have to worry about this, because you can manage your own schedule. However, before your application meeting, you want to be well rested and sharp.


DON’T: Forget to Complete Your Personal Statement

Your personal statement is actually one of the most important parts of the law school application process. When you go to write your statement, you want to make sure that you stick to the prompt as closely as possible. There is a chance that you could be docked if you go over or under a certain word count. Moreover, you want to have a few people read the statement, or else you could miss a few typos here and there.

DO: Check in on Your Application Status

On top of everything, you may have to wait to find out if you are accepted. There is a good chance that if you applied to a popular law school, it could take even longer. In the end, you may want to check in once or twice, but beyond that you may be pushing it.

Protecting Yourself from Lawsuits During a Home Improvement Project

Many a homeowner has embarked on a home improvement project only to find themselves embroiled in a lengthy and expensive lawsuit further down the road. In this article, we’re going to explore a couple different kinds of lawsuits that can crop up because of a home improvement project, and then how you can go about preventing those lawsuits from coming about in the first place.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

The most common kind of lawsuit resulting from home improvement projects is the personal injury lawsuit. Now, this lawsuit can come about in a couple of different ways, and each must be uniquely protected against. One the one hand, after performing a home improvement project yourself or through a contractor, someone gets injured on your property because the improvement doesn’t comply with state or local building codes. An example of this would be someone getting injured or killed because of faulty wiring. The best way to prevent this kind of lawsuit is to hire only licensed contractors to perform your home improvement project. Licensed contractors are familiar with building codes and will make sure that your project complies with these codes. As long as your project complies with these codes, you have done your due diligence and someone injured from your improvement can’t hold you responsible for their injury. Click here to learn more about how to make sure that your contractor is insured.

However, another common kind of personal injury lawsuit results from workers getting injured in the course of the home improvement project. The best way to protect yourself against this kind of lawsuit is to hire only contractors with insurance that covers on site worker injuries. If you hire an uninsured contractor, you will be liable for any on site worker injuries. Additionally, make sure that you’ve done your due diligence in making your property safe for workers. If a worker goes into your attic and gets bitten by a rattlesnake because you failed to inform them that you raise poisonous snakes in your attic, you will be liable because their injury resulted from negligence on your part.

Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Another common kind of lawsuit that arises during or after a home improvement project is a breach of contract lawsuit. These are most often filed against contractors, but it’s not unheard of for a contractor to sue a client for either failing to pay or neglecting some other aspect of the arrangement. Unfortunately, in many cases, when a breach of contract suit is filed against a contractor it turns out that there was no contract in the first place. That is, the homeowner and the contractor made an unofficial arrangement—either a verbal agreement or a handshake—but nothing was put down in writing. In this case, the homeowner is up a creek without a paddle. The best way to protect yourself against this kind of situation is to get everything in writing. Never settle for a handshake. “Scouts honor” does not hold up in court.

If you follow the advice above, you will go a long way towards preventing unnecessary lawsuits from ever coming about.

Find the best providers to prepare an approvable admission essay

Students might find different glitches when they are asked to do something which would actually help them to get selected. One of the most common areas where such students can stand a chance of getting rejected would be in the admission essay process. This is the initial interview level, wherein the universities can ask the applicants to send in an essay about themselves as the subject of the essay.

While they might not be of such a nature by themselves naturally, the fear of the selection process can actually have such an impact on them, making them mess up the entire process. It is for this reason that they leave such things to experts, who can prepare some approvable content for their clients to make use of. These experts know the requirements of all the universities and adhere to their requirements, while also focusing sharply for the content of the quality.

They ensure that they do not use the same points that have actually been used in the resume, thereby making the entire essay fresh and interesting for the approver to read.

Best Online Regulation Degrees Without having the time for you to attend class

in a traditional college, you can get ready for a regulation career having a degree through an on the internet university. From the actual comforts of your home, you are able to obtain the actual legal education essential to enter right into a legal profession or move the club exam by having an online college law plan.

With a good online regulation degree you are able to pursue a number of different career instructions, including felony justice, lawsuit support, open public interest, business or open public attorney, or even politics; anything that you simply could do having a traditional college degree.

Numerous online colleges offer regulation degrees, though all of their programs is exclusive. To assist narrow your own search, we’ve created a summary of some from the top on the internet universities with regard to law.

Kaplan College – Kaplan University’s College of Lawful Studies provides paralegal as well as legal research courses which teach thorough, real-world understanding preparing a person for regulation school or perhaps a legal profession. Online college legal programs offered at Kaplan consist of:

Master’s Level in Lawful Studies
Sophisticated Start College Degree within Legal Research
Bachelor’s Level in Lawful Studies
Sophisticated Start College Degree within Paralegal Research
Bachelor’s Level in Paralegal Research
Associate’s Level in Paralegal Research
Legal Assistant Certificate
Path to Paralegal Publish baccalaureate Certification

Nova Southeastern College – The actual Shepard Wide Law Middle at Nova Southeastern University provides a certificate within Education Law or perhaps a Master associated with Science within Education regulation degree with regard to students within the education area. These applications provide non-lawyers the data to cope with the numerous legal problems that educators are confronted with today.

What the law states Center offers a Grasp of Technology in Wellness Law on the internet degree. This can be a two-year, thirty credit plan for non-lawyer, health care professionals. It offers the skills required to handle the legalities that tend to be plaguing the actual healthcare business.

A Grasp of Technology in Work Law addresses probably the most pressing lawful questions associated with today, such as discrimination, nuisance, unions, and using technology at work. The degree is really a two-year plan of thirty credits.

Regent College – Regent College School associated with Law combines faith using their teachings supplying a lawful education that’s grounded within Christian values and ideals.

A certification in regulation and open public policy emerges to on the internet students supplying in-depth evaluation of both legislative as well as judicial limbs of federal government. This program is most effective for students thinking about expanding their own knowledge as well as augmenting their own credentials with regard to legal as well as political problems.

Upper Iowa College – From Upper Iowa College, a college student can obtain an on the internet degree in public places Administration by having an emphasis on Police force. This on the internet university program has an understanding associated with public organizations and also the knowledge to manage public plan.

A degree in public places administration could be completed with no less than 120 term credits along with courses such as U. Utes. Government, Open public Budgeting Procedure, Administrative Regulation, and Administration Principles.