How to avoid A Mistake After Receiving a Traffic Ticket

When you receive a citation there is a date on the bottom of it indicating when you must appear in court or set an arraignment date by. By signing the ticket you promised to go to court by said date. If you fail to do appear in court, or the clerk’s window, by said date another charge- FAILURE TO APPEAR IN COURT is added. Failing to appear (FTA) is perhaps the most common mistake a person makes. An FTA is a misdemeanor (40509. 5 Vehicle Code). The court is not required to send you a courtesy notice reminding of your court date or how much you have to pay. An FTA will add additional fines to your ticket- sometimes as high as $300. 00.


As soon as you fail to appear in court for a traffic ticket the DMV gets notified and a DMV Hold is placed on your license. This remains until you take affirmative steps in resolving your ticket. This Hold can result in the inability to renew your license and/or the suspension of your driving privileges.

Clearing an FTA!

In order to clear an FTA you must get the court to send the DMV and abstract. An abstract is sent electronically to the DMV by the Court and informs them that you are doing something about taking care of your outstanding ticket. Some courts charge $10. 00 for an abstract. Some courts require motions to get an abstract. You cannot get an abstract by phone or over the internet. This must be done in person. The biggest mistake you can make is not taking care of your ticket immediately.

Many people come from Out of State or from a Foreign Country to California for vacations, work and to partake in all of the tourist attractions The Golden State has to offer. Unfortunately while here they often receive a speeding ticket, red light ticket or other moving violation.


Because of “The Interstate Compact Act” most states share information. If you get a speeding ticket here you can rest assured that Arizona, New York or any of the remaining States DMV will pick your violation. If you ignore the ticket here it will go to warrant and a Failure to appear misdemeanor (40509. 5 VC) will also be added to your underlying offense. This will place a hold, and potentially a suspension on your license. Your state will also place a hold on your license. Fortunately, a California can appear for you in all proceedings and fight the ticket and remove the hold if necessary. There is the possibility if you are foreign citizen and have a ticket you failed to deal with, that you could be barred from re-entry into the U. S.

Common Traffic Tickets Regarding Accidents and Insurance

Everyone knows that speeding or running a red light or stop sign can result in being pulled over and given a traffic ticket for your momentary lapse in judgment. But did you know there are literally hundreds of California Vehicle Code sections you can violate every single time you get in your car? And some, even, that you don’t even require you to be driving? Here is some information on the most common accident and insurance traffic violations.

Proof of insurance

You are required to carry proof that the vehicle you are driving is insured. Anytime you are questioned by an officer for proof of insurance, you must produce it or you may be cited. However, an officer may not pull you over simply for the purpose of asking if you are insured. There are two ways to be cited for breaking this law:

If you have insurance but no proof – If you actually do have insurance but merely weren’t carrying the card with you when you were pulled over, this is relatively easy to have dismissed by giving a copy of your current insurance policy or card to the court clerk. Don’t forget to do this, however, as failing to provide proof of insurance is punishable by a fine of over $1, 700!
If you didn’t have insurance when you were cited – If you are cited for violating this section and you simply do not have insurance, you have a big problem. Fines are extremely expensive for this infraction and if you have no proof that you do have insurance, there is not much you can do. However, if the vehicle you are driving is insured by someone else, such as your employer, it is possible to get this sort of violation dismissed. Never give wrong information to an officer about your insurance. This crime is a misdemeanor and is punishable by an even larger fine and up to five days in jail.
Mandatory Reporting of Certain Accidents
In any accident involving personal injury or damage of at least $750, all drivers must file an accident report and provide evidence of insurance. Failing to do so can result in the suspension of your license for one year. In fact, even if you are driving someone else’s vehicle, you must comply with this section.

Exchange of Information at Accidents

Even if the accident in which you were involved is very minor and less than $750 worth of damage is involved, you are still required by law to exchange information with other drivers involved. If you fail to disclose your name, address, driver’s license number, vehicle identification number, or insurance information, you can be found guilty of an infraction with another hefty fine. However, it is important to realize that this violation must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

It may Pay Off to Fight Your Traffic Ticket

Each time you receive a traffic ticket, moving violation or citation, points can be added to your license depending on the offense. The amount of points varies in each state. Common reasons why people receive tickets involve: speeding, reckless driving, broken head lights, not obeying traffic signs or speed limits, DUI, driving with a suspended license, not giving the right of way, not signaling when turning or switching lanes and parking violations. Many of these tickets can add points to your drivers license and too many points can cause your license to be suspended. In addition, many insurance companies check driving records and may increase the rates if they find that a driver has a lot of points on their license.

Auto insurance is a very big concern for drivers as some states like New york, New Jersey and California have very high rates. All drivers in the us must have auto insurance in order to drive a vehicle. It is against the law to drive without insurance and if a driver is caught, they will most likely have to pay penalties. This is another reason to keep a clean driving record and make sure that you avoid traffic tickets or citations. Also many drivers depend on their vehicles to get to work and school. Having their license suspended because they accumulated too many points on their license can be very detrimental financially.

If you have received points on your license due to too many citations, you may be able to take a defensive driving course to lower your points. Many of these courses help drivers learn about safer driving behaviors. Many local DMV offices have information on where to take these courses.

If you do receive a ticket, you may be able to fight it in court. It is important to understand the traffic court system. Many people unfortunately pay their traffic tickets without trying to contest it in court. A good option is to work with a traffic ticket attorney to fight the penalty. Many attorneys specialize in fighting traffic tickets and will work hard on your case for a reasonable fee.

Should One Fight a Traffic Ticket? Know Why Hiring an attorney is Important in such cases

Needless to say, the question whether one should fight his/her traffic ticket or not applies largely to infringements. In case you have been charged with some sort of misconduct or felony violation, it is advisable to seek an attorney immediately as the consequences can be far more serious.

In most cases, drivers pay the traffic ticket and do not bother to consider any alternative as such before facing the upshots. The various possible effects of an infraction conviction can be summarized as follows:

1) You can lose your good drivers discount.
2) Higher insurance rates may be charged.
3) In extreme cases, your license may be suspended.
4) Points are added on your DMV driving record
5) You may be compelled to sit through a traffic school!
6) Finally, you will be fined in hundreds of dollars.

Thus, it is pretty clear that the consequences of infringement can get really serious, leading to loss of money and time. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should fight your traffic ticket and seek the help of a lawyer for the same. The issues that are dealt with by an attorney in such a case include ‘whether you are guilty or not’, ‘what is involved in contesting the ticket’, ‘the chances of success in getting a dismissal or lower fines’, and other possible consequences of infraction.

In order to ensure that you have violated the law, it is very important to review the code section you were cited for violating. For instance, according to the California Vehicle Code, a “broken windshield” requires not only that the windshield is broken but that the broken glass impaired the driver’s vision. Similarly, there are several other such issues to be dealt with.

So, should one fight a Traffic Ticket? Of course, in case of a parking ticket, you need not get in touch with an attorney. But, if you are facing major infractions that might have serious consequences, you should really consider hiring a lawyer to represent you. Following are a few reasons to fight your ticket with the help of an attorney:

1) The attorney has the required skills and experience to put aside your appearance in most situations, unless you have been charged with a felony.

2) Besides, the fact that you have hired an attorney will be taken into consideration by the judge when ordering any fine.

3) You can also consult a lawyer merely for an appropriate legal advice.

But, before you search for a lawyer, it is necessary to decide whether to fight your ticket or not. And, it is in best of your interests to fight it and also hire a lawyer to avoid serious consequences.

Are Speeding and Traffic Tickets on the rise?

As the great Recession continues on governments are faced with a dwindling revenue streams and ever increasing costs. It’s no secret that when a recession hits the chances of you getting caught for speeding or a traffic violation goes up considerably.

If you’re on the fence for buying a new radar detector here are some things to consider:

The state of Virginia nearly passed a $1, 000 fine for speeding – they were in effect for a few weeks before being revoked but the cost of speeding fines has gone up 50 percent.
In February of 2010 – California tripled the fines for a broken headlight.
In Florida the cost of a ticket for parking in front of a fire hydrant went up 900 percent from $10 to $100!
You don’t need me to list this out for you. I’m sure if you’ve been reading the news or talking to your friends you realize that ticketing is on the rise.

Look – we can’t blame the police. They’re doing their jobs and it’s a tough and stressful job that they have. We also need to understand that the down turn we’re in is going to be around for a while and that as long the government is dealing with reduced taxes to collect – it will make up for it through other means like this.

A good speed detector isn’t just about avoiding the cops or getting out of a ticket – I believe a good speed detector will actually help you lawfully obey the speed limits out there. Once you’ve got that nice new GPS Speed Detector or Camera Speed Detector up and running in your car it just might server as a reminder to drive within our nation’s speed limit laws.

What To look for in a Radar Detector
The two largest growth segments in traffic tickets are laser and radar. A good quality radar detector/speed detector will address this. Here are some features you ideally want:

Support for laser
Support for radar
Support for long distances (at least 3 miles)
Over the hill radar reception
Camera detection
Auto Mute
City/Highway Detection
Built in GPS
The laser guns used by law enforcement have advanced significantly in the recent years. Most laser guns are now camera equipped so not only do they record your speed but they actually record you speeding on video.

Also – be prepared to upgrade your speed detector every other year or so as the technology and tactics change. For example, GPS enabled speed detectors seemed to be the magic bullet everyone was looking for. They kept a database of known speed traps but that was quickly undone with the introduction of roving radar vans that were always on the move and always looking out for traffic violators.

California Traffic School – Best Place to Find California State Specific Traffic School Course

California traffic school is a course that sometimes gets assigned to drivers who have gotten a moving violation or other ticket. The class is designed to teach defensive driving techniques and give drivers a refresher on the things they need to know to be safer on the road. It is also possible to use this course in some cases to get a discount on auto insurance premiums, or simply to improve quality of driving by actively thinking about these safe driving practices and keeping them in the forefront of the student’s mind.

Since the advent of the world wide web, it is now possible to take this course over the internet using one of the California online traffic schools that has been approved for this purpose. These courses are presented in a web-based format so that the student can work independently and on his or her own schedule, and come away from a class without having to set foot in a traditional classroom setting.

How does one go about finding the best online traffic school for California drivers? There are many factors to consider when researching and selecting a California traffic school. First, and most important, is approval status. If the course is not approved by the California Department of Motor vehicles (DMV), or your court, or your insurance company, your driver improvement will be tangible but not applicable for cost savings or ticket dismissal. Check with the group for whom you want to take the course before you register, and make sure that the provider you’ve found is approved by that group.

Next, look at the company providing the course. Make sure that they have got a solid reputation for providing quality course material. Not all California online traffic schools are equivalent. Some have more effective teaching methods than others. You know how you learn best, and if animations and videos would help supplement your education, make sure that your provider has them throughout the course to keep you interested in the material.

Another factor you won’t realize you need to assess until you go to use it is customer service. Some providers have regular business hours for their customer service department, and although you can access the course at any time, if you have a question you may be out of luck until the following morning. Find a provider whose customer service is available to you when the course is, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It would also be helpful if the customer service representatives are located in California with you, so that you don’t need to repeat yourself when spelling the name of a Spanish street or asking questions specific to the California course you are taking.

Becoming a better driver through a traffic school is a great idea for all drivers. Now that it is possible to take the course online, it’s more convenient than ever to refresh your skills and become safer behind the wheel. Whether required or voluntary, consider taking defensive driving.

California Auto insurance – These Time-Tested Tips Will save you Much

Contrary to all you might have come to expect, you don’t really need to do very great things in order to attract the most affordable rate that gives you adequate coverage. Just understanding some compulsory things and using them will make a big difference. Let’s go through some of them here…

1. Drive carefully if you’re really serious about getting cheaper auto insurance rates. You’ll be making a good resolution to stay away from the wheels if you take alcohol.

Driving while drunk, howbeit slightly, will make you pay exorbitant rates if you’re fortunate or be forced to be without car insurance if you’re not so lucky. And don’t ignore those speeding tickets because they cost you far more than what you pay as fines. They eventually increase your rate. For your safety then and cheaper rates, never violate any traffic law no matter how minor you think it is.

2. We all know that no age bracket pays as much for auto insurance as drivers who are less than 25. But for drivers who fall within this age range, having good grades at school will help you get cheaper rates.

The good student discount is for those who get A’s or not less than B’s. For students who make themselves eligible, you can get discounts of about five percent. Young drivers with excellent grades are usually considered more responsible and less likely to take to recklessness behind wheels.

3. Some lines of duty get lower rates. Scientists, for example, get far more affordable rates than business owners. The reason for such concessions is that some occupations have been proven to be better risks.

You agent is in a good position to tell you if your line of duty attracts certain discounts. Just note that each insurance provider might maintain a slightly different position.

4. You’ll get cheaper premiums if you pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). This authorizes your bank to credit your insurer with your payments without any intervention from you until you advise to the contrary. This reduces costs by removing the necessity of payment notices or checks. Your premium is therefore lowered to reflect the cheaper cost of giving you insurance.

5. There are cars that cost far more to give adequate auto insurance coverage. It will be a wise move if you discuss with your agent before choosing your next car. Avoid any car that has a high theft rate and/or a poor crash rating.

Another thing to find out is the cost of maintaining a car because it is also a factor that determines your auto insurance premium. With a little diligence you can avoid buying a vehicle that will cost you much in extra premiums over time.

6. You can get cheaper rates on auto insurance now by visiting a minimum of five insurance quotes sites. Each site will take you about 5 minutes or less to obtain quotes. (Some people give details that are NOT really correct about themselves. That isn’t smart since the quotes you’ll get this way will not do you any good). You’ll have to choose lowest auto insurance quote for you from the list of quotes you’ve obtained. It’s as simple as that. Nevertheless you could make savings hundreds of dollars.

California Car insurance – Some Facts That you must Understand

According to California state laws, it is compulsory to have California car insurance coverage if you intend to drive. If you are found driving without insurance coverage, your license may be suspended. According to the law, the minimum limits of liability insurance for bodily injury are $15, 000 for death or injury of a single person in an accident and $30, 000 for every person in an accident. For property damage, the minimum liability has been fixed to $5, 000 for an accident.

Factors Influencing The Insurance Rate

As in other states, the amount that you will pay for auto coverage policy would depend on number of factors. Your age will determine how much you pay for your California car insurance policy. If you are young and have just got a license, you would be paying a high premium. This is because, to the insurance company, you are a high risk customer.

The type of car that you drive definitely has an impact on how much you pay for your auto insurance. If you are driving a sports vehicle or an expensive car, expect to pay a higher premium. If you want to lower the rates down a little bit, make sure that your car has an anti-theft device installed. This lowers the risk of your car being stolen and thus the insurance company might be willing to lower your insurance rates.

If you are living in a crime infested neighborhood, you would have to pay a higher premium on your California car insurance coverage. Again, it would help if you have an anti-theft device installed in your vehicle. Besides your neighborhood, your driving record will also affect your insurance rates. If you driving record shows tickets and other traffic violations, you would fall under the high risk category for most of the insurance companies. This would obviously mean that it would be very hard for you to get low rates.

Shop Around For Quotes

The key to finding affordable auto insurance is to look around. Do not just settle for the company that your friend or associate recommends. It helps to get quotes from several companies. Compare their rates and the other terms that they are offering. If you shop around, you would be able to get a very good deal for yourself.

Besides getting an affordable policy for your car, you also need to make sure that you are getting the requisite cover. Moreover, make sure that you are clear about what is covered and what is not. You do not want any surprises when and if you have to file a claim.

It is a must to get California car insurance if you are driving in the state. Getting an affordable coverage is not that hard, provided that you know how to shop for one.

Beating a Speeding Tickets With the help of Public Records

If you are stopped by the police and issues a speeding ticket it isn’t the end of the world. You have a few choices of how to deal with it: pay it, fight it (on your own or with the help of a lawyer), or ignore it. Of course you should never choose to ignore it. Doing so will lead to much bigger trouble. So having dismissed that option lets look at the others. Now in many cases it may be simple enough to just pay the thing and move on. However it isn’t all that bad an idea to fight the ticket either. Whether you choose to hire a lawyer or fight it yourself, you should be aware of the basic law that you are charged with breaking. You can do that easily by accessing public records. Here is what you do.

First of all, look up the traffic law that you were charged with breaking. Read over it and become familiar with its wording and any relevant laws that may be related to that particular code. You may need to access the public records provisions to get needed documents to help you prepare your defense (or understand what your lawyer is doing). You can usually get this information at a local public library or a Law library.

The idea here is to assume that you will prosecute your own case (even if you aren’t), and write down any laws that you think would help your situation. Do your best to find some of the different case laws that relate to the charges against you and note any references that support your potential defense. That’s sounds hard and confusing I hear you say. Well perhaps a little, but it isn’t all that bad. If we use California as an example of what the prosecution will need to prove against you, it should be more clear what kinds of information you are looking for.

The California Motor vehicle code has a section on unsafe speed. It states: “No person shall drive a vehicle upon a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent. Having due regard for weather visibility, the traffic on and the surface and width of the highway. And in no event at a speed which endangers safety of a person or property. ”

Given that little section of code, you now know what the prosecution must prove against you in order for the case to stand.

1) you have to be identified as the driver and the witness for the prosecution needs to have observed you actually driving the vehicle

2) The prosecution has to establish where the violation occurred

3) What is reasonable or prudent? It’s merely someone’s opinion. They must establish that their opinion of what is reasonable or prudent is the correct opinion. To do this they will probably need to refer to the weather, visibility, road conditions etc.

4) That you actually guilty of endangering a person’s life or someone’s property?

As you can see if you work at breaking down the law into smaller chunks that you can manage you should be able to figure out all the points that the prosecution needs to prove against you. If they can’t prove all these points, you have grounds for dismissal after they rest their case.

Now of course you can (and perhaps should) always seek legal counsel to get better help. However in many cases a traffic violation can be successfully defended on your own. All the best of luck, and drive safe.

California Speeding Ticket – Eliminate Your Ticket Today!

The sunny state of California holds one of the highest penalties for speeding violation, not to mention sky rocketing insurance rates as well. Generally, a California speeding ticket costs, in rounded off amounts, $150 for speeding of 1-15 mph over the limit, $270 for 16-25 mph, and $380 if it is more than 26 mph. Getting flagged by an officer for this violation can cause you much time and effort, not to mention money if handled incorrectly. Upon answering the officer’s interrogation, remember that any statement of guilt or otherwise can be turned against you in court. Since the officer is naturally tasked by law to provide evidence for the charges, don’t give in easily by blurting out your offence when there is none.

Receiving a California speeding ticket actually offers a lot more options nowadays. Many do not opt for paying the penalty upfront especially when they think they have chances of presenting enough evidence that they are not guilty or if they are willing to be subjected to alternative options. According to California state laws, if the officer was not able to present much evidence of the charges, the case is dismissed. If, on the other hand, you are found to be over the speed limits indeed, you can go to a traffic school.

What is a traffic school?

A traffic school can be treated as a correction institution, if you may. The decision to be able to get this option is subject to a judge’s decision which prevents your offence a California speeding ticket violation from showing up in your driver’s record. Have a lawyer request and process this for you, especially for serious ticket offences, without having to go to court personally. Another upside of this is, since the violation is not reflected on your record, you will not have to welcome an increase rate in your insurance premiums. Rather than have a bad record and pay a large amount for it, taking a class once every 18 months is a more convenient choice. The traffic schools for those with California speeding ticket are now even open for online classes.

There are exemptions for the enlistment of these online or onsite traffic schools, however. These are the truck drivers, exceeding 15 mph over the speed limit, unsafe distancing from other vehicles and changing of lanes that are dangerous and improper, carrying unlawful equipments or violation of vehicle capacity which you can further check on their official site. Offences such as these are classified under the serious tickets. A California speeding ticket which is labeled serious or found guilty is filed and reported to other states, and even Canada, as well. This means that a speeding violation in California is almost like a speeding violation in another state as well. What you need to do then is look for alternatives, and seek out for the best option. If, even before the trial, you can request for enlistment in a traffic school, then by no means do so. If not, it is best advised to have a vivid recollection of the situation and a good understanding of California laws. Beat a California speeding ticket with proper knowledge and information.