Roadway Debris Accidents

There are plenty of hazards on busy roadways. From inattentive drivers to poor road conditions, McAllen motorists face driving dangers on a daily basis.

Although two or more vehicle accidents are everyday sights on busy Texas roads and interchanges, single-vehicle accidents are all too common and can just as easily result in serious injuries. In many single-vehicle accidents, the driver is not even at fault.

Semi-trucks and other load-carrying vehicles may inadvertently lose objects they are hauling or have pieces of their vehicles dislodge and end up in the way of traffic on busy highways and interchanges. When this happens, motorists are caught off guard by the unexpected hazards lying in the road and end up losing control of their own vehicles as they attempt to take evasive action to avoid the objects.


Identifying Roadway Debris and its Origin

It is not always easy to find the original source of roadway debris. In some cases, a tire, vehicle part, or tool may have a serial number or other identifying marker which can help determine which vehicle it came from. However, many times, there are no immediate indications of why or how a foreign object landed in the middle of a busy McAllen area road.

Even those objects or pieces of debris that have no immediately apparent identifiers can ultimately be identified with a little bit of investigative work. This helps point to the original source and, more importantly, helps establish who is at fault for a vehicle accident and resulting injuries.

Car accident attorneys are valuable sources of information in helping injured motorists investigate a single-vehicle accident they were involved in. Their expertise can help reveal the cause of an accident as well as point to the source of any foreign objects and debris that caused an accident in the first place.

What to Do After a Debris-Related Accident

After you are involved in a debris-related accident, there are steps you can take to help launch a successful investigation. If you witnessed cargo or other objects fall from a truck, take note of the vehicle number or company’s name. A claim can ultimately be filed against the driver’s insurance carrier for your injuries.

Sometimes the Texas Department of Transportation can be held responsible if your accident happened as a result of a temporary road sign, marker, cone or divider that was placed on the road. These provisional traffic guides can end up in the path of vehicles and result in accidents.

Debris-related crashes are often complex and require in-depth investigations to help determine cause and fault for injuries sustained. A car accident attorney has experience with these involved accidents and can conduct a thorough investigation to determine cause, fault and ultimately hold the at-fault parties responsible.