Creating a Post-Car Accident Legal Checklist

Preferably, you’ll never end up getting in a car accident. However, statistically, it’s not all that uncommon. And that means, for better or worse, you should always be prepared just in case it happens to you. And, to approach this preparation logically, consider creating a post car accident legal checklist. Making this list is a fancy way of reminding yourself what to do in the event of a crash.

A few items that will be on this list will include collecting and organizing legal documents, valuing your car, ensuring that health and safety are priorities, and always making sure you have a backup transportation plan. Your personal list may have other specific items, but at least those four will get you prepared in general.

Organizing Legal Documents

The phrase might sound a little stuffy, but right after any car accident, you have to organize legal documents. Write down information about drivers licenses, license plates, and insurance contact numbers. If you miss any of these small steps immediately when an accident occurs, it can come back to bite you for not being aware enough to collect them in the first place.

Valuing Your Car

Knowing the value of your vehicle before an accident is important. That way, when you estimate the worth of your car after the accident, you will know the difference in Hard, factual terms. When you don’t want to do is try to figure out how much your car was worth before the accident after the accident occurs. Without knowing value ahead of time, you’re in a situation where there may be a conflict between what you believe and what someone else does. So before you go on any major trip especially, look up the blue book value of your car, and at least have that in mind.

Ensuring Health and Safety Matters

After a car accident, the primary activity everyone needs to be involved in is making sure that everyone is okay. Injuries from car accidents can be major, and you don’t want to make a bad situation worse by ignoring the potential for physical damage. Especially if people are in shock, they may not be thinking clearly, and they may not even recognize that injuries occurred, especially if it’s muscular or skeletal. Legally, there can be lots of compensation for accident related injuries.

Making Sure You Have a Backup Transportation Plan

If you are on your way somewhere you got a car accident, chances are you still have to get to where you were going. You should have a backup transportation plan pretty much every time you leave to do anything. Prepare, rather than thinking about the situation afterward. So know who you can call, or what company you can get a hold of to continue traveling to your destination.