Common Outcomes of Misdemeanor Possession Charges

If you just accrued a misdemeanor possession charge for some illicit substance, then you are probably freaking out a bit on the inside.  The best way to remedy your paralyzing paranoia is to educate yourself on the possibilities.

Knowledge will not take away the consequences of getting busted, but it may help you choose the right direction when you come to a legal fork in the road.  Take this moment to begin your journey to enlightenment, and check out a few of the most common outcomes of a misdemeanor possession charge.

The state to state debacle

The first thing you should do when you get a possession charge is to look up the state specific laws against the particular drug you are being changed for possessing.  The intensity of the punishment for the crime changes according to the drug in question.

For instance, (unfortunately) there are still some very harsh laws against the possession of marijuana in some states, and the Federal Government still strictly forbids it.

In fact, the government still considers marijuana a schedule one substance, which means that is has no foreseeable medicinal qualities.  It may seem ludacris considering what scientists have discovered about marijuana use, but it is law.

Understanding the variables

Understand the every specific circumstance from the time that you were charged can come into play when the case goes in front of a judge.  The specifics of the event may be detrimental to your case, but they may also be exonerating.

The point is to never underestimate the importance of information.  Consider every detail of the incident through the strict eyes of the law.

Take the road to therapy if you can

A first offence for possession can usually be talked down to some court ordered rehabilitation.  As long as you do not have a long record of drug-related offences, you should have a good chance of swaying the judge this way.

If the judge offers you the chance to go to rehab, take it.  Get the treatment you need, even if you do not think you need treatment.  Consider it time away for a mental vacation.

Invest in competent legal representation

As you can see by now, the many different variables involved in a possession charge can easily become confusing and scary.  It may be best to invest in competent legal representation to secure your future freedom.

Stay out of trouble

The best thing you can do for your case is to stay out of trouble while the outcome is still pending.  Having more run-ins with the authorities only shows the judge that you live life on the outskirts of the law.  It does not look good.