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The Personal Injury Lawyers in Diamond & Diamond are experienced, skilled, and knowledgeableenough to handle all the personal injury cases. Personal Injury Lawyers Brampton fights against all the legal disputes that occur when one come across an accident with the other, wheresomeone else might be legally responsible for that harm.

In a personal injury case, damages can be seen in two different types; one is general and the other is special.Special damages costs much because it may be a loss of your property, lost earnings, high expense due to the injury, etc. whereas general damages include less measurable costs than the special one because it may cause the pain and sufferingloss of reputation, and any other damage that emotionally hampers . Personal injury torts result in both special and general damages.

We are open all the days of the week and are 24-Hr available. We focus on all types of personal injury law and help the sufferer to get their desired compensation. The attorneys in diamond & diamond understand that each case is unique and tries their best to understand the case and help them in winning the case.

Personal injury is a legal term for an injury to the body, mind and emotions. The law refers to the legal remedies and defenseswhich involved legal lawn caused by a wrongful conduct. Many personal injury cases are based on the carelessness while driving.

We put extra efforts in handling our client’s case, so you just have to encourage us in helping you in a right way and let us know all the details of the case so that we can make it a best one. We don’t charge before the case. You needn’t have to worry about the payment process. We will charge you after we win the case.

Just share your case with our lawyers, make them understand and our lawyers will make you free from the case with the desired compensation. They will not demand any money before the case, after winning the case you can pay our lawyers. Our lawyers have also handled many famous cases like the York University Shooting case and the Uberx cab service case which was fought very carefully.

Our lawyers also work closely with doctors so as to know more about the injured victim and can provide them with the required medical care and treatments.

Call our experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Brampton and schedule an appointment so that our lawyers can claim all the road traffic accidents case, accidents at work, accidents in the home, on a cruise ship, and holiday accidents cases. We will also help you out in getting your desired compensation and recover damages, like; help in getting back the expenses of medical, pain and suffering, attorney fees, and lost future earnings. Feel free to call us and refer us to your friends too, so that they can get us if they come across such personal injury accidents. Give us a chance to help you.


Divorced and Taken to the Cleaners by Your Ex-Spouse?

We all go into marriages with good intentions. Fifty-percent of the time it doesn’t work out; at least that’s the common perception. So you’re divorced and left with nothing. You’re all washed up. Join the club! Okay, so how do you recover from financial disaster when you took years to build what you had?

Chin up…here are some tips to get back what you had and start rebuilding the life you’ve always wanted. It won’t happen overnight but apply some determination and patience and you’ll get there.

1. Start a side business on the Internet. With little to no overhead and the ability to work from home in the comfort of your jammies, growing a business online is an ideal way to get some extra cash. If you have a skill you can market online, go for it. You don’t need much to get your own website started…$100 will do it. Plus, as your own boss, you can set your own hours and still maintain your main job. Are you great at graphic design? Can you whip out blogs like nobody’s business? Are you a natural born consultant? Put those talents to work for you.

2. Invest money in a mutual fund or stock market. With so many financial investments out there to add to your income depending on your level of comfort, you can let your money work for you. Sock some away for retirement, as well as to pad your income in these lean times. It’s wise to keep the information of a stock fraud company like Thomas Law Group, especially if you have a stock broker managing your accounts.

3. Buy straight from China and sell to people at flea markets. The key here is: don’t sell to the consumer — sell to the sellers on a wholesale level. Head to websites like Alibaba, where you can buy items directly from China, bypassing the reseller here in the United States. Sell anything from smart phones and electronics to sneakers and toys wholesale to people in your local area for an unbeatable price.

4. Start doing YouTube videos and monetize your videos. If you enable Monetization on your YouTube videos, the checks will start pouring in from Google. Give instructional videos about your passion, whether that’s DIY handy projects around the house, crafting tutus for little girls, or baking specialty cakes. Someone, somewhere out there needs to know how to get nail polish out of a rug RIGHT NOW. Be the one to show them with your very own video. Add some oomph by monetizing your ads to create a revenue stream; learn how to do it here.

5. Let your creativity fly by designing t-shirts on sites like CafePress and Zazzle. All you have to do is draw the design and upload it to them. They will print and ship your creations, and you get a profitable little side job selling your creations to others looking for unique artwork and sayings on t-shirts, bags, caps and more.

If you’re staring down the barrel of divorce wondering how you can emerge from this with most of your finances intact, stay positive! There are many ways you can augment your income, especially online. If you choose to invest with a stock broker as one of your strategies, be careful about who you trust. You can lean on us here at Thomas Law Group, where we specialize in recovering losses for investors.

Understanding State Regulations and the Need for a DWI Lawyer

Knowing your legal rights and the different state regulations is important if you face DWI charges. Whether you are in Texas or California, first thing to understand is the state does not have to give you a public defender. That is because first DWI offenses are misdemeanors and many states do not provide public defenders for misdemeanor charges. Additionally, there are often income guidelines to qualify.

The Initial Stop

The initial traffic stop can be critical. The police officer may request a Breathalyzer test or a blood alcohol test. Refusing to take a blood alcohol test has major consequences. In many states like Texas, the refusal may result in an automatic license suspension. This is because most states have implied consent laws. These laws mean that accepting a driver’s license equals consent to blood tests. The accused should consult with a lawyer to fight the suspension.

The Importance of Having a Lawyer

Hiring a DWI Lawyer is very important for drivers facing charges. Relatives and friends can be helpful when finding a lawyer. And, it is always preferable to have a personal reference. Along with fighting the suspension, the lawyer must prepare the actual criminal case. The lawyer may try to get the blood test results thrown out, or the lawyer may challenge the initial traffic stop. That is because the police officer must have probable cause to stop someone. The prosecutor may be willing to negotiate if the lawyer attempts to show an error was made.

Learning About The Consequences

In Conroe and the Houston Texas area, being charged with a DWI is serious even if it is the first offense. However, a Conroe DWI lawyer may be able to get a client probation. If there were no injuries, the court is more likely to offer probation over jail time. That is why it is important to hire a lawyer who is familiar with DWI charges in the Houston area. A DWI lawyer, familiar with the jurisdiction, knows the prosecutors who are more likely to negotiate. Further, they know which judges are more likely to show leniency. On the other hand, the court will not show leniency to repeat offenders. Indeed, jail time and sentences are increased for each additional offense.

The Importance of Expungement

A lawyer may ask that a first time offender have their record expunged. This means that the DWI charge will not show up on a criminal record. This is very important when people apply for jobs and school. It is usually up to the prosecutor whether someone receives an expungement. However, it can be granted as part of a plea negotiation. Repeat offenders are unlikely to be granted expungements.

You Have To Pay Up

As part of a sentence, many offenders have to pay for and attend DWI school. This is a state-sponsored program that attempts to educate offenders about the dangers of DWI. Additionally, the court may order the defendant to pay for an Ignition Interlock device. The device is installed and the driver must blow into it before the vehicle starts. If the device detects alcohol, the vehicle locks down for a period of time. The consequences of DWI can ruin lives. It is much better to learn not to drink and drive.

Best Tips for Choosing A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy is astressful and complicated circumstance to find yourself in. Making a mistake means the chance that you your case may be rejected by the courts. It is always a good idea for you to hire a bankruptcy lawyer. In fact, it is something that is necessary in successfully navigating the situation of bankruptcy. If you are choosing a good attorney for bankruptcy then he or she can provide you with solid advice, so that paperwork, documentation and other aspects of the process go smoothly. Bankruptcy attorneys also know about procedures and rules present in the local court. They are able to answer any questions that you have about the process. Here are some tips for you if you are in search of attorneys who specialize in bankruptcy.

Choose the One Specialized in the Niche of Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy Attorney Dayton has plenty of experience in this area of law. It is critical  for you to choose such an attorney, one who is specialized, so that you can be sure of getting the appropriate representation. Spend time on the website of the attorney to familiarize yourself with who would be most relevant to you.

Know the Pros and Cons of Working with Different Law Firms

It is always good for you to understand the pros and cons of working with different kinds of law firms. Within bigger firms, it is common for multiple lawyers to work together for a case. A team may be assigned to a case, which can be beneficial to you; however, the charges may be higher for this service than for the independent lawyer. Smaller firms may be affordable.

Contact the Bar Association

It is also appropriate for you to contact the bar association in the place where you live. You will be provided with a list of the lawyers who are practicing bankruptcy law. The websites of the bar association may also have information about specific lawyers, such that you may even know any kind of disciplinary actions taken against him. It is a good way to assess any lawyers that you may be considering to hire.

Reason to Reconsider divorce plan for your kids

In this hectic life, most of the people are running only behind their carrier and they are not ready to give their time to their family members. Due to the financial incompetence in these days, many both the husband and wife are going for the job in order to standardize their future carrier. After they are come to home feeling very tired and use to stress in office they are unable to speak even with themselves. And they are unable to attend any parties, family function, or not going any vacation also. With all these things they are getting, misunderstands fight and ignorance which all finally leads to diverse. People do love getting marriage living together and if they did not comfortable with their life at any point and getting divorce. This is actually not the correct meaning of loving and getting. If two different genders love each other, then they both should stand and hold each other any kind of situation.

Apply unreasonable divorce

There are so many attorney who handling with many divorce cases and they are struggling by struck in between the parents. If they had any child then that kid is the one who will suffer a lot due to their parent’s behavior. There are so many reasons are put in front of eh lawyers from the side of eth couple. Out of them the experts in this case have decided some of the strategies in order to give them the correct results which should not disturb their children.

Consider about children

In these kinds of situation there are so many trouble are being faced by the children only. After the separation of their parents really children does not know what to do. They are left without any special care. Actually at the time of the misunderstanding string with their parents itself children are really getting more tension and anxiety but they are unable to open their mouth to tell. They feel very insecure to this matter to any other person. Kids After Separation becomes very insecure and feel very lonely. It will affect the studies and the future carrier of the child. They will not talk to any other person and they also cannot able to share their problems with their friends as they are very little to understand this issues. Therefore once the parents are decided to get separate please do consider about your kids if you have. Also there are another problem area would avail if they are having more than one kid. This is because if there are more than on kids then it will separate the love and affection in between the siblings. This is because the court will sometimes decide to grow up one child with mother and another child with father. This will definitely increase the gap between the siblings. This is really unacceptable thing to separate the siblings. Hence the court is now giving time of six months to the parents in order to reconsider about their application for divorce.

The provisions in the shareholder document are important

A founder document or the shareholder document can be called as one of the foundations of a company as it holds important elements of each shareholder. Also, when there are multiple shareholders, an agreement ensures that there is a common ground of interests and expectations. Also, when so many people join hands to form a company and prepare a common document, it also means that they will stick together for the welfare of the company even in the face of disagreements. Thus the shareholder document also points to the unity of each member.

Points to be covered in the shareholder document

Here are the main points that should be included in the Founder Documents:

  • The agreement should list clearly as to how the shares of the company are divided among the shareholders.
  • It should also mention in detail the responsibilities of each officers and directors of the company who are entrusted with the running of the company on a daily basis.
  • The document should also list when and how different meetings be held. It should also indicate the circumstances that will decide the time of convening meetings of the board members and shareholders, either in unison or separately.
  • As opinion of each shareholder matters in running the company, the founder document should state as to how much of the approval of the shareholders is required for important decisions in the company.
  • The shareholders’ agreement is drafted with the main view of protecting the interests of each shareholder. Hence it should put in detail all the rights and responsibilities that the shareholders can enjoy.
  • Another important factor to be included is ROFR which means rights of first refusal. This gives the shareholders the primary opportunity to either buy or refuse to buy shares of those shareholders who want to sell their shares.
  • The agreement should also mention clearly as to what dividends the shareholders can enjoy and also what all information they can get.
  • Another point that cannot be frivolous is the details on the discontinuation of any stakeholder. There can be many reasons for a shareholder’s exit from the company. May be he leaves on his own volition or he decides to sell his shares to some other person or his death, the document should clearly state what should be done on such occasions.
  • A company should also look at the competitor side if it wants to succeed. In such a case, the founder document can have provisions controlling any step or move towards owning or having any role in companies that are clearly seen as competitors.
  • It is also important for the agreement to control on shares being sold or gifted to anyone. Also, it should clearly indicate what rights new shareholders, if any, will have.
  • The founder document should also have adequate provisions laid out for minority shareholders.
  • It will be also useful if the shareholder document will also lay down procedures that could be undertaken to solve conflicts or disputes among shareholders.


Which Form Of Power Of Attorney Is Best?

There are many different forms of power of attorney, and the form you need will depend on the situation and the type of protection you need for yourself and your assets.

The Difference Between Lasting And Ordinary

The main difference between lasting and ordinary power of attorney is the timing of when the person who holds power of attorney will have power over your assets and decisions. If you want to give another person full access to taking action and making decisions about your well-being and finances while you are still mentally capable, the option of ordinary power of attorney would be best. This option becomes void when you are deemed incapacitated and is only valid during the time you are in full control of your faculties.

On the other hand, lasting power of attorney is a more permanent option. This form of continues even after you have lost your mental capacity. If you choose to give lasting power of attorney it is very important you only give it to someone you trust completely since they will have complete legal authority to take action and make decisions on your behalf when you are not capable of doing so, or don’t want to do so.


This option gives you the ability to have a greater amount of control over the actions and decisions that are taken and by whom, regarding yourself and your assets when you are no longer capable. This means that the person with limited power of attorney is only given power to make decisions and take action on your behalf for a very specific purpose. An example of this would be giving someone a limited power of attorney to sign the deed to a property on your behalf while you are away or otherwise unable to do so. This form of power of attorney usually has a specific end date.


This is more of an overall option, giving the person who holds power of attorney the same rights and powers that you have. If you want someone to be able to conduct various financial transactions such as paying bills and signing documents on your behalf, this would be the option to choose. Since you do not need to be mentally incapacitated in order for this option to be put in place, it can be useful if you just need some help with your finances.


This form option is valid until your death, or until you are able to function as normal – no longer incapacitated. It is essential to evoke durable power of attorney in order to allow someone to make decisions for your, handle your affairs, or represent you in course in the event you become incapacitated.


This form of power of attorney allows the same powers as the durable option, but is not valid until your are incapacitated. If you choose this option, you will need to make sure that the standard for incapacitation is clearly laid out in the documentation.

Property And Financial

For the purposes of having someone act on your behalf regarding finances and property, you are allowed to appoint up to four relatives or attorneys for property and financial power of attorney. The role of a person given financial and property power of attorney is to take care of your finances and assets according to your wishes, including investment funds, transactions, property issues and back accounts. In the case of a property and financial power of attorney, you do not have to be incapacitated, and they are able to work with you in any circumstances.

Health And Welfare

This form of power of attorney is generally considered more serious. For this reason it is often split between attorneys and family. Similarly to the property and financial option, you are allowed to appoint up to four health and welfare power of attorneys. The role of these individuals is to take actions and make decisions on your behalf regarding your welfare, medical care and health in the event you lose the ability to make those decisions personally. These four people will be responsible for making any decisions that are not detailed in your will regarding medical circumstances such as being kept on life support.

Having determined which form of power of attorney would serve you best, you can then plan for the future more effectively for peace of mind should you ever become incapacitated. If you are unsure about which option would be best for you, we can help you to understand the roles more thoroughly in order to determine your best options. Get in touch with one of our experts today for more information.

Queries Debunked- Worker’s Compensation Most Frequently Asked Questions

Job related injuries are very common these days. This is the reason why a few companies insure their employee before hiring them. However, with the increasing number of insurance frauds, there is a lot more to that. Here is a list of some frequently asked questions with the latest answers in case you have a doubt in your mind.

  1. What is this compensation all about?

Workers compensation is the type of insurance program, which is mandatory by the state laws. Its basic function is to provide work related security to employees in the form of compensation. They can claim for it if they suffer from any job related injuries or illnesses. It also pays for the rehabilitation program, if the doctor says so.

Each state has its own set of rules governing the insurance and compensation. You can always contact the San Diego office for worker compensation or look for their website in case of the new updates in laws.

In general, the compensation law states that an employee is eligible for compensation regardless of the party at fault. Employee, employer, a customer, any machinery whatever the cause of illness is, the employee is compensated.

  1. Are all injuries covered by this law?

Workers’ compensation covers most injuries. However, there are certain injuries, which cannot be compensated. This is a law designed to ensure that no harm comes in the way of worker while working for a company. This is the reason why the employee gets compensated regardless of the party at fault. However, in cases where the employee is found drunk or intoxicated, he is not eligible for the compensation.

Coverage is also denied in following situations:

  • Self-imposed injuries due to a fight started by employee
  • Injuries suffered while committing any serious crime such as robbery
  • Injuries suffered during holidays or leaves
  • Injuries suffered when the employee’s conduct violated company’s policy.
  1. Does this law cover only medical bills?

Due to this law the insurance providers are liable to pay hospital as well as medical expenses. Apart from this a disability payment is also paid in case you are unable to work. It also ensures that you are paid for rehabilitation and get paid until the doctor says you are fit to work.

  1. Does this law cover any long-term illnesses or problems?

Not just injuries caused by accident, but other problems which are a result of your working condition can be paid by worker’s compensation. For instance, if your doctor says you have chronic back problem due to the alignment of chair or extended working hours, the bill would be covered by this law.

Heart or lung disease can also be covered if the reason is stress due to work or any condition led by the working environment.

  1. Is it necessary for me to be in the office while getting injured to get compensated?

In case of injuries that are work related, you are covered even if you are away, this happens in case of illness. However, any physical injury such as an accident in your house could not be covered.

These FAQs would have solved most of your queries. Make sure you enjoy the benefit of worker compensation next time.

Knowing the Options Available to You When Applying for Bail

Crisis can strike anytime. If for some reason your loved one gets stuck in a legal issue, you need to know what type of options are available for you, so that they do not have to spend time in jail. You need to be up to date with your country’s legal system and what your rights are as a citizen.

Overview of Bails

Every country offers different bail bond options to its citizens. Jail bond definition refers to an opportunity given to an accused to get out of jail in exchange of money or property. The money is refunded back to the accused, if he religiously attends all the court hearings, pertaining to his case.

In case, he misses a court date, then the court is liable to keep the money or property and a warrant is issued against the accused. Not everyone is liable to apply for a bail. The court will have a bail hearing and decide whether the accused can be granted bail or not. This again depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • The overall health of the accused
  • Financial position
  • Criminal history
  • Severity of the crime committed
  • Previous record where the accused has missed out on court hearings

Different Types of Options Available

When it comes to applying for bail, you have a variety of options available to you. You can choose to apply for bail based on any of the below types:

  • Surety Bond
  • Property Bond
  • Cash Bond
  • Release on One’s Own Recognizance

Surety bond is a contract between three parties i.e. the party, the principal and the surety. The party is the recipient of the bond, which is the court, the surety is the bail bondsman or company and the principal is the accused.

The bail bondsman or company offers the required funds as a bail, when the accused cannot secure enough funds for applying for a bail. Here the bail bondsman or the company charges 10% of the bail amount as a nominal fee for their services.

Property bond is applicable when the accused does not have sufficient money to pay for bail. In such situations, he can give his property as collateral. There is a catch here. The worth of the property needs to be 150 to 200% of the bail.

Cash bond as the name suggests is to pay the bail amount with cash. You need not have to take the help of any bail bondsmen or company to apply for such bond.

Release on One’s Own Recognizance or ROR is a written promise signed by the accused stating that they will attend all the court proceedings pertaining to their case and will not indulge in any sort of illegal activity while out on ROR.

Hiring the Best Bondsmen

When it comes to legal issues, you need to hire the best. Ensure that you take your time choosing reputed bail bondsmen or companies and go through their contracts thoroughly.

Ask for references and ensure that you contact their clients and ask about the quality of their work.


Many countries might not have bail bondsmen. Check with your lawyer and choose which type of bail bonds will best suit your preferences.

Taking Proactive Steps to Protect Yourself after an Accident

It seems unfathomable that a victim could be blamed for his or her own suffering and pain after an accident. However, to safeguard themselves and their bottom lines, many employers will turn on employees who have been hurt or sickened at work. It is second nature for many businesses to deflect blame to the victim and take every step necessary to avoid paying for this person’s medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. When you want to go up against corporate lawyers and prove your case successfully, you have the right to the same competent representation. You can take steps to protect yourself after an accident by relying on counsel like aworkers comp attorney and other legal insiders.

Why Retain Legal Counsel

Accident victims like you have rights of which you may not be aware. First, you have the right to go to a doctor and be examined at the expense of your employer. In most states, you must be examined by a doctor approved by your employer within three to four days after your accident. If you are unsure of the timeline for this, however, you should contact an attorney and ask for guidance.

You also have the right to file a claim against your employer’s workers comp insurance if it has been established that your employer was at fault for the accident. Some businesses will fight this claim, however, and countersue employees in court. When you retain a lawyer, you can take your case to court if necessary and also recoup expenses for court costs, lost wages, medical bills, and other monetary losses. Your attorney can subpoena witnesses, secure testimony, and gather evidence to show that you were not at fault for your accident at work.

How to Retain Legal Help

After realizing the rights to which you are entitled under the law, you may wonder how to retain a lawyer quickly. Your best option would be to visit the lawyer’s website and click on the option for requesting a consultation.

Your consultation is free and comes with no obligation. You also can find out if you have a case that you can take to court and win.

You may experience more than physical pain after an on-the-job accident. When your employer is trying to fight your claim, you can avoid stress and worry by hiring legal counsel.