Jeremy Diamond: Finest Personal Injury Lawyer

Any kind Personal Injury or accidents can be traumatic physically and financially. You might lose your job because after an accident or after a near-to-fatal injury your health cannot sustain the physical exertion or physical demands of a regular job. You will definitely lose out on promotions, a raise, and would be sidelined by your firm, and eventually, you might get unemployed through no fault of your own.Your personal and professional life would suffer drastically.

Jeremy Diamond Lawyer is a lawyer from Toronto, Canada, who specializes in personal injury cases & litigations. He graduated in the year 1995 from York University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, special interest: Psychology. He received his JurisDoctoris in the year 2001 from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. And he also went to Osgoode Hall Law School.

Sometimes there are injuries at the workplace, but you are not at fault, rather an employer is responsible for creating an unsafe environment in the workplace. Sometimes you can have a slip and fall accident, at any time of the year including the winter, the sidewalks could be slippery, but a fall can cause a lot of damage, with a backinjury, which could sometimes be fatal. A car accident brings a lot of damages along with it; physical, Mental, and injuries can be life-changing. Like brain injuries due to car accidents, and also, any other type of accident can be gruesome and are hard to recover from. The medical expenses can run into thousands of dollars, but does it end there? It does not. The effects can be everlasting. Like Long Term Disability will increase medical expenses drastically, and lifelong physical issues, a person has to deal with emotional turmoil daily. And performing simple tasks can become challenging.

Jeremy has an extensive experience in helping plaintiffs or clients with different kinds of personal injury cases. He has assisted different clients by representing them in first-party accident claims. He is well versed in personal Injury law/ Plaintiff Personal Injury Litigations and in the year 2008 was called to the bar in Toronto & he was also called to the State Bar of Florida, in the year 2002.

In an event of wrongful death or death which could have been prevented is tough to deal with. That’s because any kind of death causes a lot of emotional turmoil and along with it the friends and family need to deal with financial issues.

In the year 2014, Jeremy Diamond Lawyer and his firm filed a lawsuit amounting to $20.5 million against York University on behalf of the eight victims who were shot down on the campus, the argument was based on that the university did not put the safety of the students as their priority. It was a case of gross negligence.

He has established Diamond and Diamond, a law firm dealing with personal injury cases with his partners. It has fourteen branch offices, in different cities.

He is also a member of Canadian Bar Association, American Bar Association & Law Society of Upper Canada. He has been practicing in Ontario and Florida, dealing with Personal injuries, animal attacks, and accidents from automobiles, long term disability cases, Death from negligence. Along with those he has also dealt with civil litigations, Alternative Dispute, Insurance law & product Liability, class action disputes, public liability cases, medical negligence and malpractice & legal assistance.

Personal Property Security Check through PPSR Basic Search in Australia

Personal properties, such as motor vehicles, artwork, intellectual properties, and investment instruments such as promissory notes and bonds are a good way to guarantee financial transactions. They have good value that usually increases the longer you hold onto them, but with the recent rise in fraud many would be hesitant to use them as security due to fear of losing their money. This is fixed by the government through the centralization of property registration through the Personal Property Securities Register. Through the Australian Personal Securities Act of 2009, the government mandates the registration of security interest over personal property through their centralized system, reducing the time needed to check if there are any current security interest on personal properties and minimizing errors in registrations due to the complicated process of registering and transferring the security information over different registers.

Through the PPSR basic search offered by various Australian licensed PPSR brokers, checking if there is any security interest over a particular personal property is made easier. A PPSR basic search can bring a lot of benefits, especially if you are about to seek personal property security over a big financial transaction.

Benefits of a PPSR Basic Search

  • Easily search the Personal Property Securities Register database for any security interest over a personal property. Be it a car, boat, an artwork, crops, machineries, or even plants, livestock or non-physical items such as intellectual property or an investment instrument, a PPSR basic search would be able to get information on any security interest over the item. Through this, you will be able to guarantee that any financial security is secured by a property in case the money loaned cannot be paid by the borrower. This lessens any risk that might arise from financial transactions.
  • Being able to do a credit check on individuals and organizations before lending them money. Through a PPSR basic search, you would be able to tell if the individual or organization has a good credit history by checking if they have any security interests over their properties. This information could help you avoid dealing with bad credit, significantly reducing the chance of you not being able to recover your money.
  • Being able to check to see if you have any security interest over your personal properties. A PPSR basic search does not only benefit creditors, but also debtors. Through a PPSR basic search, you will be able to tell if your previous creditors have properly removed their security interest over any of your personal property which they are required to remove within 15 days from the settlement, or be able to settle any remaining security interest over your property.

Through the PPSR, securing financial transaction is made easier and more reliable. You no longer have to blindly trust anyone in lending your money. Through a PPSR basic search, you are able to guarantee that you will get your money back.

Professional lawyers knows the best ways to prove you innocent

Law is made for the betterment of the society;law helps each and every person in the society as every person in the society is equal in the eyes of the law. Law is made equal for every person to follow and all the punishments are equal for every person in the society. There are special lawyers who work for the people on hiring them, there are also special law companies which have special lawyers who are professionally skilled and experts in fighting a case, and have a record of winning case. They make people aware of their rights and make them stand in the society.

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Helping you in fighting for rights;

There are many law firms which fight for the rights of the normal people, they fight for all kinds of cases and have lawyers for every specialized field, who have the positive records and have the vast deep knowledge of the law sections and rules and knows all the steps which are important to case a file. VB law group is also one of the companies who fight for the rights of the people. They fight case with full dedication and totally focus on all the important details and information of the case, they shows full interest in the case which makes the client satisfy and makes the trust on the lawyers. While fighting a case they enjoy their work as they are more passionate for it and totally dedicated to give the rights to their clients. They fight for the cases like;

  • Accidents by car, bus, truck or any of the motor vehicle.
  • ATV accidents and pedestrian accidents
  • Brain injuries
  • Drug cases
  • Drunk accidents
  • Claims for insurance
  • Personal injury
  • Product and premises liability
  • Construction cases

Helps in fighting against insurance companies;

As nowadays most of the people get their things insured like their motor vehicles and even they get themselves insured with health and many more. if met with an accident and insurance company decline to give you the insured money according to the policy so they help those people also to fight against the policies, terms and conditions of them with the legal proves to get your claim easily. All their lawyers have the knowledge of how to fight case for insurance and gather all the important information regarding the case so that they can claim on the insurance companies and make his/her client get the claim for what they have get insured. They make you aware of the all the rules of the law and al the legal process so that they come aware of the things and rights which are made for them by the law. They do their work with full dedications and show the interest to the client which makes the client satisfy with their work. VB Law Group  also stand for the people to prove them innocent in the society.


Law companies help the innocent people in getting their rights and fights for their case with full dedication and interest.

How to Fund Your Legal Education

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of people don’t pursue a legal career is because they don’t believe that they can afford to pay for a legal education. However, there are all kinds of ways that you can find the capital to pay for law school, you just need to know where to find it. Here is how to fund your legal education.

Fill out the FAFSA.

FAFSA stands for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid – and it is one of the only applications that you won’t have to pay for in life. This is the best way for the government to determine whether or not you qualify for federal aid. They will measure your income or your parents’ income – contingent upon your dependent status – and determine whether or not you belong to a socioeconomic class that is the most in need of federal aid. If so, then you will receive a certain percentage of reduced tuition depending on your status.

Compete for Scholarships

If you need further funding or if you do not qualify for federal aid, you want to compete for any applicable scholarship. If you have a very impressive GPA and SAT or ACT scores, then you will be a great candidate for a scholarship. If you do receive federal aid that covers tuition but not room and board and you don’t qualify for a scholarship, then you might want to consider reducing your costs by taking an online program, like USC Online, so that you can still earn your degree from a prestigious school, without incurring the costs of living on or near campus. If you do qualify for a scholarship, the percentage of your tuition reduction will be dependent on both your transcripts and your financial need.

Apply for Grants

Some students don’t qualify for federal aid or are awarded scholarships, or the amount that is covered just isn’t enough for them to afford their legal education completely. If this is the case for you, then you should start looking into grants. Grants are given by private philanthropic organizations, and there are all kinds of them out there. You should definitely do some research and find out if there are any grants that apply to your situation. You will need to send your transcripts, letters of recommendation and some kind of essay just like with normal college applications, so be sure that you have all of these things on file.

Take Out Student Loans

If you don’t raise enough funds to pay for your legal education through federal aid, scholarships or grants, then you are going to need to apply for a loan. You will need to have decent credit in order to qualify for a good loan, and you will want to keep that loan as small as possible. Otherwise, you will be spending far too long paying it off. You want to be sure that the loan affords you the ability to pay all of your living expenses while you’re going to school, but you don’t want to have too much extra, or you could get yourself too far into debt. Either way, it’s usually best to go with federal loans, rather than private loans, because you will be able to get a better interest rate.

Is Law School Worth the Money?

Law school can be a brutish endeavor – no matter if you go to Northeastern University or Harvard Law School. During the middle of your first semester, you may start to wonder why you got into the mess in the first place. However, having a law degree can allow you the opportunity to land in a very lucrative field. Moreover, it can provide a new and exciting adventure every day, especially when a new, challenging case comes in.

However, give how expensive law school can be, it can be hard to know whether it is worth the money. It is difficult, the industry is competitive and you will be working incredibly long hours. After a while, you will wonder where your life went. However, the truth is that if you are passionate about the law then law school is definitely worth attending. Here are some excellent reasons why.Is Law School Worth the


High Earnings Potential

One of the biggest reasons why law school is worth it is because of your future salary. Depending on where you land and what type of law you choose to practice, our base salary can be incredibly high. In fact, it is one of the few careers where you can easily pay off your student loans in just a few years.


Personally Rewarding Work

If you practice a certain type of law that gives you the power to stand up for people that are less fortunate, you are doing humanity a big service. This is especially the case if you join the public defender’s office, become a consumer advocate, or even if you take on class action law suits where a company has harmed entire communities of families. Knowing that you are doing something good and positive can make all the money and time that you put into college worth it.

Time to Refresh and Recharge.

During your college years, you may not have all the time in the world to go on a vacation or recharge. However, when you are a lawyer and you are making a high annual salary, you will definitely have the the money to go on luxurious vacations. Of course, time may be harder to come by but after earning seniority in your firm or practice you should be able to afford some time off. These vacations will be essential to recharging and rebooting so that you can get back to work and really make a difference.


Satisfy Your Dreams

One of the biggest enjoyments of your job won’t be the money, or the fancy car, or the house – it will be the difference you make, the challenge of a case and the vindication from getting a positive verdict from the judge. Once you build up your reputation in the law community, you will start to get addicted to it.


Law Firm Perks

On top of everything, if you decide to go into corporate law or join a high powered law firm then you will have more than just a high salary waiting for you. Corner offices with amazing view, expense accounts and employee parties and appreciation events will certainly make your job the envy of all of your friends.

Law School Admissions Do’s and Don’ts

Getting into a law school can be tough. In fact, some of the top law schools can make it incredibly difficult. Not only do you have to fill out a lengthy application – you also have to write a letter of intent. A lot of schools these days require that you prove how much you want to become a lawyer and they want to know why.

Considering the fact that law school is so difficult to get into, you want to be sure that you know some of the basic do’s and don’ts. Staying away from the basic faux pas will help your application rise higher and higher to the top of the heap and it will increase your chances of being accepted. Moreover, you want to know some of the do’s so that you can really impress the admissions officer. Here are some law school admissions do’s and don’ts.


DO: Highlight Your Extracurricular Activities

Showing that you engaged in extracurricular activities will definitely help your chances of getting accepted into law school. In your undergrad years, your counselor or advisor most likely encouraged you to join groups or other academic clubs. You want to include your involvement in everything in your admissions package.

Law School dos

 DON’T: Dress Down

When you visit the law school and actually have a face-to-face meeting, you want to be sure that you are dressed appropriately. Business casual or business professional is the recommended attire, but if you are unsure than always err on the side of dressier. Of course, you don’t want to over dress – wearing a tux may be overboard, but you do want to look sharp. It is law school after all, so you don’t want to look like you just got out of bed.

DO: Get Plenty of Sleep Before Your Interview

Indeed, sleep is critical, especially before your big law school application interview. Of course, if you were earning NEC’s masters in project management, or if you were taking an online course, you wouldn’t have to worry about this, because you can manage your own schedule. However, before your application meeting, you want to be well rested and sharp.


DON’T: Forget to Complete Your Personal Statement

Your personal statement is actually one of the most important parts of the law school application process. When you go to write your statement, you want to make sure that you stick to the prompt as closely as possible. There is a chance that you could be docked if you go over or under a certain word count. Moreover, you want to have a few people read the statement, or else you could miss a few typos here and there.

DO: Check in on Your Application Status

On top of everything, you may have to wait to find out if you are accepted. There is a good chance that if you applied to a popular law school, it could take even longer. In the end, you may want to check in once or twice, but beyond that you may be pushing it.

How to Legally Protect Your Assets and Family

There are several legal documents that will help protect your financial interests and your family if you pass away suddenly or if you become incapacitated. These documents include:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Deeds of Variation

These documents are necessary in order to make sure your beneficiaries carry out your wishes and are protected financially should you no longer be able to make decisions for yourself.

Why do You Need a Will?

The purpose of a will is to protect your assets after you’ve died, so you can have them distributed as you wish. If you die and do not have a will, the government gets to decide how your assets are dispersed. Writing a will is a simple process. All you have to do is contact one of the private client law firms in London to help you.

By writing a will, you can name someone, an executor, to make decisions about your assets for you when you cannot. They can make sure your beneficiaries are taken care of by distributing your assets to them. In addition, having a will may lower the inheritance tax on any property or money left to your beneficiaries.

The Family Protection Trust

While there are many types of trusts you can have made for your family, the family protection trust is designed to protect your assets for your beneficiaries while you’re still alive. If you become ill or injured and need residential care, a family protection trust will help ensure you have assets left to give to your family after your death. Since residential care is expensive, costing about £25,000 to £55,000 annually, you need a way to protect your assets for your family.

If you have more than £23,500 in assets, which can include your house or any money you have saved, then you will be responsible for providing your own residential care if you should need it. That can quickly eat through your savings, leaving you with nothing to pass on to your spouse, children, or any other beneficiaries. However, by having a solicitor help you establish a family protection trust, you can designate how you want your assets distributed once you’ve passed away.

What Is a Deed of Variation?

A Deed of Variation allows the beneficiaries to alter the will of someone who has left them money. This is usually done to help protect the assets of the beneficiaries. It can be filed before or after a Grant of Probate. One of the most common reasons for a Deed of Variation to be filed is to protect the inherited assets if the beneficiary has inheritance tax issues. It allows them to pass the inheritance on to their own beneficiaries.

You’ve worked hard to save your money, buy your property, and make investments to grow your wealth. If you want a say in how your assets are dispersed once you can no longer make those decisions, you need a will, Family Protection Trust, or Deed of Variation drawn up.



Protecting Yourself from Lawsuits During a Home Improvement Project

Many a homeowner has embarked on a home improvement project only to find themselves embroiled in a lengthy and expensive lawsuit further down the road. In this article, we’re going to explore a couple different kinds of lawsuits that can crop up because of a home improvement project, and then how you can go about preventing those lawsuits from coming about in the first place.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

The most common kind of lawsuit resulting from home improvement projects is the personal injury lawsuit. Now, this lawsuit can come about in a couple of different ways, and each must be uniquely protected against. One the one hand, after performing a home improvement project yourself or through a contractor, someone gets injured on your property because the improvement doesn’t comply with state or local building codes. An example of this would be someone getting injured or killed because of faulty wiring. The best way to prevent this kind of lawsuit is to hire only licensed contractors to perform your home improvement project. Licensed contractors are familiar with building codes and will make sure that your project complies with these codes. As long as your project complies with these codes, you have done your due diligence and someone injured from your improvement can’t hold you responsible for their injury. Click here to learn more about how to make sure that your contractor is insured.

However, another common kind of personal injury lawsuit results from workers getting injured in the course of the home improvement project. The best way to protect yourself against this kind of lawsuit is to hire only contractors with insurance that covers on site worker injuries. If you hire an uninsured contractor, you will be liable for any on site worker injuries. Additionally, make sure that you’ve done your due diligence in making your property safe for workers. If a worker goes into your attic and gets bitten by a rattlesnake because you failed to inform them that you raise poisonous snakes in your attic, you will be liable because their injury resulted from negligence on your part.

Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Another common kind of lawsuit that arises during or after a home improvement project is a breach of contract lawsuit. These are most often filed against contractors, but it’s not unheard of for a contractor to sue a client for either failing to pay or neglecting some other aspect of the arrangement. Unfortunately, in many cases, when a breach of contract suit is filed against a contractor it turns out that there was no contract in the first place. That is, the homeowner and the contractor made an unofficial arrangement—either a verbal agreement or a handshake—but nothing was put down in writing. In this case, the homeowner is up a creek without a paddle. The best way to protect yourself against this kind of situation is to get everything in writing. Never settle for a handshake. “Scouts honor” does not hold up in court.

If you follow the advice above, you will go a long way towards preventing unnecessary lawsuits from ever coming about.

Finding Work in the Legal Profession

Jobs related to law and legal work can be difficult to obtain because they are highly competitive placements.  Employers in these professions are often also very demanding and choosy, so there are a lot more graduates looking for work than there are places for them to fill.  This is part of the reason why there are many thousands of law school graduates out there flipping burgers, waiting tables, and parking cars for a living.

You don’t want to join that group, of course, so how do you go about getting the work that you have trained for and dreamed about for so long?  Getting qualified was the greatest rush, and now…. Well, maybe it’s not exactly what you pictured, but there are ways and means of avoiding having to join the queue at the unemployment office, as shown in the tips below.

  1. Get an agent

Agents are important in any competitive field to help you get your foot in the door.  In the same way that publishers are more likely to read manuscripts sent to them by literary agents than those sent directly by authors, law firms tend to place more trust in applicants referred by agencies because they know the agency is staking their reputation on the quality of the referral.  Therefore it is nearly always the case that legal jobs are easier to find with an agency.  Agencies also can supply clients with details about employers who are looking for people with your skills and qualifications, and can even advise you on what to do to improve your chances of getting hired.

  1. Always look the part

Even when you’re not working, you should maintain the outward appearance of being a successful person who is going places.  This way you will avoid the error of having an “interview face”, where you only look and act your best when actually interviewing for work.  The look and mannerisms need to become such an ingrained part of your persona that they are entirely natural for you, and then they won’t seem forced.  This will allow you to project greater confidence when interviewing, and you’ll seem more relaxed and natural.  Employers will respond positively to that, even if they never really know exactly why they feel so comfortable when talking with you.

  1. Put yourself in the best of company

It will help if you hang out in the same places where lawyers from law firms tend to hang out.  Don’t go as far as stalking them, but being seen in those places will improve your odds because you’ll get a recognition factor happening for you, plus potentially a chance to mingle and network.  You will also be in a prime position to gather intelligence about law firms that you might consider working for, and you’d be surprised what you can learn just by keeping your ears open.  When people have seen you around a few times, it will make your eventual interview with them easier, as they will feel like you are a familiar face.

These are all really simple things that anyone can do.  They don’t necessarily guarantee success, but they should definitely improve your chances of landing a great career.

Dog Bites And The Trauma Associated With It

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but dog bite is listed as the most common injuries reported every year. It is estimated that around thirty one thousand people in the world undergo some form of plastic surgery as a result of injuries caused by a dog bite. A dog bite can lead to several kinds of trauma for the victim.

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Injury to Children

Dogs do not discriminate between the age and sex. They can bite anyone, and everyone including their owners. However children are more susceptible to dog bites. Statistics show that boys between the age of five and ten tend to be the most susceptible group to a dog bite. This is because a child’s brain is not as developed as an adult and it might not understand that a dog can also be dangerous to it.

Neck and head injuries are common in children who are below ten years old. Children are usually of small height at that age and the dog can easily reach those areas on a child, so more injuries take place in that general region.

Older children who are taller are more likely to be bitten on their legs.

Types of Injuries

An attack by a dog can potentially cause very deep cuts. A dog’s canines are sharp and inflict a lot of damage and can easily cause a deep gash. There might also be puncture wounds and scratches and crush injuries.

A dog bite can also affect the tendons as well as the arteries of the body.

However the most dangerous of all the injuries that can be potentially caused by a dog is an infection of a wound. In fact, it is more likely for the dog bite to get seriously infected than for a serious injury to be caused itself. A dog might also be infected with rabies, in which case dog bites become doubly dangerous.

Dog bites rarely do lead to death, as they are now well treated, but proper precaution needs to be taken to ensure that that happens.

After taking the proper medical precautions, it is advisable to hire an attorney.

Hiring an Attorney In Case Of A Dog Bite

We have talked about physical injuries so far, but there are various other mental injuries and trauma that might also affect the victim of a dog bite.

A dog bite can result in a loss of property. For example: The clothes that the victim was wearing at the time of the dog bite might be damaged. Similarly other valuable possessions that that the victim had on him such as his phone, etc might also face the same type of damage.

A dog bite can also lead to missing work for the victim, which is a definite monetary loss for the victim. There might be a lot of plastic surgery involved in order for the victim to fully heal, which brings with it an additional medical surcharge.

Websites such as provide you with a team of experienced attorneys who have had years and years of experience with dog bites and injuries.

Hiring an attorney ensures that you are well compensated for any injury you might suffer. So make sure to hire an attorney, as several people have hired an attorney in a similar situation and benefited from it.