Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney? Find Out Why you do!

Is it essential for you to hire a real estate lawyer in case of any realty transaction? Every nation, state, or province has different requirements; some countries don’t demand for an attorney, while some consider it as mandatory when dealing with real estate. A lawyer can help you or suggest what protocol to follow in your area while selling or buying a property.

When it comes to a real estate transaction, you should hire an attorney, whether it’s a risky or complicated deal. It is smart to discuss with an attorney. For example, an uneventful trade of single-family house, attorneys aren’t needed. However, residential investors looking for house/land purchasing in a short sale or those facing foreclosure, can hire lawyers to get more benefits.

Most agents aren’t licensed to practice law and without proper training, they can’t alert buyers or review surveys to resolve some issues which otherwise would be expensive down the line. Just because he or she practices realty law, doesn’t mean you can expect them to handle your case, as you never know whether they’re qualified enough or not. When selecting a lawyer, ask the following questions to ensure that you have got the ideal legal match.


Are You a Buyer or Seller?

This can help you find the complex answers-


  • Are you an executor or heir of a property whose landlord is deceased?
  • Are you trying to sell a property, which is under some legal trouble?
  • Selling a property with a non-cooperative partner?
  • Do you sense that something could go wrong based on your gut feeling or knowledge about the land?
  • Do you’ve liens or judgments in your background?


  • Buying a land, which is bank owned or short sale?
  • Purchasing a property, which is a part of estate sale?
  • Looking for commercial property deals?
  • Purchasing a property, which has some structural issue?
  • Is the property you buying is near floor areas or zones with adverse conditions, such as toxicity levels, radon, or tornado prone?

If your answer to most of these questions are ‘yes’, hiring a lawyer is a must. If these don’t fit your situation, then you can probably go ahead with your agent’s expertise and knowledge to close a deal.

If you’re still confused, you can contact Jean-Faustin Badimboli for further assistance. He is a lawyer that has been trained and tested in the real estate field. They work on certain protocols and follow ethics to protect all parties, including agents, sellers, and buyers.

Experience and Work Ethic leads to success

Before you could hire a lawyer, it’s essential to determine how much experience he or she has. If you’re looking for the proper buying agreement, then you can hire someone with 2 to 4 years of experience. If you are dealing with something complex or related to realty development, then you should hire someone who has experience of decades or more.

It isn’t necessary to find a seasoned pro, but you should opt for an experienced and well-manned attorney, who can save you money.

Why You Need Someone Qualified to Work on Conveyancing

Conveyancing is defined as the process of legally transferring the ownership of a property from one party to another. This warrants that the buyer eventually receives the right to own it, and informed of restrictions on how the property is to be used before completing the purchase.

Basically, you can choose to work on the process on your own, but a conveyancing solicitor is generally instructed to get it sorted quite faster and more efficiently. Conveyancing is a bit complex and time consuming that a a well-versed and experienced professional is strongly recommended to work on it. Besides, they’ve got professional indemnity insurance that could protect you if they made any mistake somewhere along the way.

Finding a conveyancer is straightforward. You can compare quotes with conveyancing 24-7 or alternatively, ask your estate agent for a recommendation, although you may end up paying more this way.

Your conveyancer will take care of the paperwork relevant to your purchase of the property and keep you posted with what has happened, while finding out any difficulties throughout the transaction.

When instructing a conveyancing solicitor, see to it that you sought them out prior to making an offer to give you an advantage in terms of time and preparation, as you are likely to need professional advice even during the early stages.

Under the law (in England and Wales) the transfer of ownership has yet to become legally binding until contracts are exchanged, and either you or the seller can still renegotiate the price or back out before such event. This proves to have its advantage, as you can still find out of there are major issues with the property that you can use as a reason to back out.

On the other hand, in Scotland, the sale-purchase agreement is legally binding as soon as the seller has agreed to your initial offer. It is important that you know when an agreement becomes legally binding sand clarify everything that confuses you with your conveyancer before getting onto it.

On the average, conveyancing takes about 10 – 12 weeks, but can be completed either quicker or longer. One of the major reasons for delay is a chain of property transactions (when you’re selling to afford this purchase, or when the seller is buying another one to move into at the same time they’re selling a property to you).

Below are generally the tasks and processes involved in conveyancing that you should know or at least be familiar about when buying:

  1. You make an initial offer that is conditional and subject to survey..
  2. The seller agrees to your offer.
  3. You make arrangements for a mortgage agreement in principle.
  4. Contracts are drafted and title deeds are forwarded to your conveyancer.
  5. A survey is arranged to inspect the property.
  6. Your conveyancer makes further enquiries to the seller about the property. This may include information regarding the exact property boundaries, applicable rights and covenants, existence of title indemnity insurance, access to the property, physical condition, fire safety, planning and building regulations, etc.
  7. Property conveyancing searches are conducted, and may include but will not be limited to the following:
  • Land Registry Search – to find out if the seller/owner is legally eligible to sell the property
  • Local Authority Search – to determine planning permissions and development plans in the area
  • Mining – to see if there are issues caused by mining activities in the area
  • Environmental Search – to see if the local environments poses any potential problems on your living condition
  1. Renegotiation following survey and search results.
  2. Exchange of contracts
  3. Your mortgage is formally made and approved by the lender.
  4. Deposit is paid to the seller and a completion date is agreed.
  5. The mortgage funds are transferred to the seller (through their solicitor) to pay for the property.
  6. Stamp Duty payment is arranged and settled within 30 days of completion.
  7. Land Registry fees are paid and the registration of the property is made in your name.


Should you buy property in Bangalore in the next six months

Bangalore is the silicon valley of the country. There is no doubt about the fact that the real estate is going to boom further and people with property assets are going to get richer. But the dynamics of the real estate market are ever unpredictable. You will see that the market fluctuates and also stalls itself for a period of time and will also have the owners waiting.

Keeping the next six months in mind, let us take a look at the properties in Bangalore and see if it is a good idea to buy property there.

Influence of other factors:

This essentially means that the city has a lot of neighboring towns which are coming up and are also promising development at the same time. For instance, one would prefer to buy a property in Mysore because it is cheaper and will also offer better growth. For the person, who is only looking to make sure that he is investing in real estate and wants nothing else but returns from the asset, it is a smart choice.

Now let’s look at the factors which are going to lead you to buying property in Bangalore in the near future:

  • The development of high end gated communities and also apartment complexes is something which is going to reach a while to reach the neighboring towns.
  • The lifestyle and the drastic growth that the city of Bangalore will offer the residents, is simply one of the best that the country has to offer to the people.
  • The interest that startups and companies have in the city is not something that they have in any other city in the country. So one is going to have better scope of appreciation when he moves to Bangalore.

There are also many factors which tell the people to not invest in the property in Bangalore. You need to consider them before your take a decision. Here goes:

  • The property that one would desire and the localities that they would want it in are very expensive. Although they have a great growth scope, there is no guarantee that they will grow that the desired rates.
  • It is possible that the real estate market of Bangalore will slow down if the IT moves to another city on the country. The real estate market is also going to slow down.
  • Keeping in mind the lifestyle, life in Bangalore is a little bit more expensive when compared to the neighboring towns and developing cities.

When you are looking to buy a house/property, you need to understand the market, make sure that you weigh out the pros and cons of Bangalore and then make a fair choice. If you choose to buy a property in a smaller city which is promising you growth and betterment, you can also consider property in Mysore and other smaller cities which are very close to the major city of Bangalore.

It is an investor’s paradise.
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Critical Steps to Take When You Get Caught Driving Under the Influence

When you plan a night out on the town, appointing a designated driver or planning ahead for taking a cab home is extremely important. Traffic accidents involving alcohol claim over 10,000 lives in the United States every year, and many more people are badly injured in car accidents in which alcohol is a factor. Lives can change in an instant once you get behind the wheel with alcohol in your system, and the repercussions can be extensive and last a lifetime.

DUI, or “driving under the influence,” is a serious charge. Although laws vary among different states, if you get pulled over for DUI, you’re in for a considerable amount of money in fines, court costs, and other fees, and your insurance company will likely kick you to the curb, which may not matter, since you may not be driving again any time soon – at least, not legally.

According to NOLO, which has published DIY legal guides since 1971, the cost of a non-injury, non-property damage, first-offense DUI is conservatively estimated at $5,000 to $12,000.

To stay on the lower side of that estimate, you’ll need to start jumping through hoops as soon as you’re arrested for DUI. These are five of the most important things you’ll need to do before your life can return to normal.

  1. Hire an attorney. State laws surrounding DUI can be convoluted and confusing, and a lawyer can mean the difference between jail time and a slap on the wrist. According to DUI defense lawyers at Scott and Medling, a Florida law firm, fines can range from $250 to well over $1,000, and that doesn’t include a host of other expenses, such as court costs, higher insurance rates, job loss, alternative transportation in the event your license is revoked, and the classes required to get your license reinstated. A DUI attorney can help reduce the impact of the DUI on your livelihood and your pocketbook.
  1. Don’t miss your court date. Missing your court date, or even being late to court, can dramatically impact the outcome of your DUI. Once the court date is set, mark it on your calendar and be sure to show up on time (and dressed appropriately.) Otherwise, you may face additional charges, fines, and other punishments.
  1. Do what the court tells you to do. If you’re assessed fines that you can’t pay, set up a payment plan. If you’re told to surrender your license, do so, and don’t drive again until you get it back, no matter what. Chances are, you’ll have to attend at least one driving, alcohol, or safety class, and you may be required to participate in a victim impact panel or other community preventive program. You’ll likely be put on probation, and you will need to understand exactly what that entails, and follow through with any instructions you’re given in that respect.
  1. Look for new car insurance. Your insurance company will most likely drop you after a DUI conviction, and if your license isn’t suspended, you’ll need to find new insurance before you drive again. You’ll end up having to pay a premium for insurance for quite some time, so factor that into your monthly budget. In most states, you’ll also need to file proof that you’re carrying the proper amount of insurance after your conviction, and to that end, you’ll need to file an SR-22 and keep a copy with your proof of insurance for at least three years, depending on state law.
  1. Fulfill your obligations in order to get your license back. If your license is suspended after your DUI, you will have to wait for the prescribed period of time before you can get it reinstated. Before it’s reinstated, however, you’ll likely be required to follow several steps to get it back. This may include proof of attending an alcohol education class, buying and installing an ignition interlock system, paying all of your fines in full, and showing proof of the required amount of insurance.

3 Common Hair Disasters at the Hairdresser

When you walk away from the hairdressers the last thing you should be feeling is pain or devastation. The hairdressers are there to help us look our best and maintain a healthy head of hair. We put our trust in these professionals and expect them to do everything they can with our hair, even on those really bad hair days. Sadly, some men and women suffer at the hands of their hairdressers. Here are three common problems that result in hairdresser compensation being sought.

Guest PostHair Dye Problems

There are many problems caused by hair dyes. The hairdresser needs to first assess your suitability to have your hair dyed by conducting a skin allergy test up to 48 hours before you have your hair coloured. Although these tests aren’t always effective, they are essential. Unfortunately, many hairdressers do not carry out the necessary tests and this can lead to serious and even deadly problems.

Hair dyes in the UK can contain PPD, a known irritant that can on occasion causes serious allergies and even lead to death. Some symptoms of PPD sensitivity or allergies include burns, scabs and blistering, dermatitis, breathing difficulties and swelling of the face.

If you have booked in for a hair colouring at your hairdressers and they haven’t asked you to pop in for a sensitivity test, we recommend that you either call to organise one or that you visit another hairdresser. If you do suffer problems it is worth visiting to learn about making a claim.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can cause multiple problems; some of the most serious include permanent hair loss and allergic reactions. Bald spots and even alopecia can happen as a result of ill-advised hair extensions being used. Hair loss is often caused because the hair beneath the extensions is in poor condition. It may be damaged already, weak or too thin. The extensions are too heavy for hair that isn’t in suitable condition and a hairdresser should give you a warning and provide an alternative solution to your problem. Allergic reactions to hair extensions are caused either by the adhesive that is used to attach the extensions or because of the materials used in the extensions themselves.

Perm Disasters

A perm can be used to create a luxurious head of beautiful curls, but this requires the use of some extremely harsh chemicals. The chemicals can result in extensive hair damage, irritation of the skin and even burning of the scalp. Your hairdresser must be fully trained in how to give a perm and use the chemicals safely. They must also make sure you and your hair are protected by taking the necessary precautions.

Before you have a perm with a hairdresser you should make sure that your hairdresser carries out a strand test. A strand test will give the hairdresser information regarding the suitability of your hair and how long they will need to leave the chemicals in your hair.

If you experience any disasters at the hairdressers, you don’t have to just live with it. You can make a claim for compensation and receive money that can be put to good use helping you to solve the problem or at least recover any lost cost and help you to make up for any loss of earnings or personal suffering.

Fiancee Visa Attorneys Tulsa Oklahoma- Helping You Ring the Wedding Bells

They say cupid strikes only when it is in good sync with destiny. I think my fortune was truly on a roll during my trip to India. I witnessed the majestic Dussera festival. I was on a social media detox when in one of those house boats and eventually became a devotee of Durga Ma in Kolkata. Man, is the country a land of vibrancy, colors, religion and exotic beauty or what? As I stepped my foot on the land of Agra, my heart skipped a beat. I can easily put the blame on that striking and historic structure of Taj Mahal. No wonder it had made it to the list of ‘Seven Wonders of the World’. Who knew the love of my life was up to some candid photography on that very place? Eyes met, conversation struck, phone numbers were exchanged and what happened next was history. As they say, no love story is incomplete without those complications. Never did I think of visa attorneys in Tulsa putting in a successful touch!

Let us face it, the Indian-American liaison would never be accepted without the visa jazz. Our impulsive selves decided to go the ring ceremony in one of the hilltops in Goa. However, both of us went numb when it came to the “I Do” part. I mean, the success rate of long-distance marriages surviving were terribly low. Naturally, none of us were ready to stay miles away from each other. One of the fiancee visa attorneys Tulsa Oklahoma cleared our confusion. First of all, he helped us have the best application strategy in place.

We pulled an all-nighter giving intricate details about our first encounter. Reasoning with the authorities of being with someone who is Non-American: truly a difficult task. The attorney ensured that the visa process would be an easy one. Thank God for him to represent us at the following places:
ü The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (where the fiancé visa petition is filed)

ü The National Visa Center (where the name checks are conducted)

ü The U.S. Embassy or Consulate (where my fiancee was interviewed and given the K1 visa)

Once, yes, the time we stayed awake all night, we came across something. Each year, the authorities easily decline 40 to 60% of visa petitions. That very fact was enough to dampen our spirits. Few more seconds of reading and we learnt it happens due to minor issues. During the application hoopla, the lawyer instructed us to not write N/A in the wrong box. A blunder like this would actually cost us six more months. More than monthly visits to the Consulate, payment of fees and here we were! While you are reading this piece, we might be in my church. Note: My designer friend has done a commendable job with my fiancee’s dress. As she walked down the aisle with her father, it hit me. It dawned upon me that the efforts were truly worth it. The green card attorneys Oklahoma entered the picture years later, I guess!

Ian Smiles is author of this article on visa attorneys in Tulsa. Find more information about fiancee visa attorneys Tulsa Oklahoma.