Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

There’s a popular Christmas novelty song, which goes:

Grandma got run over by a reindeer,

Walking home from our house Christmas Eve,

You can say there’s no such thing as Santa,

But as for me and Grandpa, we believe.

She’d been drinking too much eggnog,

And we’d begged her not to go,

But she’d left her medication,

So she stumbled out the door into the snow.

Whilst we all know that Christmas can have its dangers (snogging under poisonous berries, anyone?), we don’t expect death-by-Rudolph to be one of them.

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But truth is stranger than fiction:

Statistics from the late nineties show that in one year alone, four people were admitted to hospital having broken an arm in a cracker-pulling related incident. Statistics for another Christmas indicated that five people were injured by a rogue Scalextric car. Jumpers are dangerous, too. In 1998 there were 18 serious burns cases due to trying on new jumpers whilst holding a lit cigarette. Shirts are no better – in the same year 142 injuries were sustained when people tried on a new shirt without first removing the pins.

We know that drinking – whatever the time of year – always carries risk, but when people drink 41% more during December than the monthly average, they risk more than the usual injuries. Over the space of two years, 543 people were admitted to Accident and Emergency after attempting to open a beer bottle with their teeth. And in 1998, eight people sustained a skull fracture after cracking their head on a toilet whilst talking to God on the great white telephone.

It’s not all broken teeth, or cracker-elbow. Approximately three people die each year after testing a nine-volt battery on their tongue! Over the course of three Christmases there were 19 deaths that were caused by mistakenly ingesting a Christmas decoration. And since 1996, 31 people died after watering their tree whilst the fairy-lights were still plugged in.

Perhaps most unsurprisingly – for parents anyway – is that 101 people since 1997 have had parts of plastic toy removed from the sole of their foot.

Information distributed by doctors and nurses at Southampton General Hospital gives the five most common causes of accident and injury at Christmas time:

  • Alcohol consumption, leading to fights, falls, and road traffic accidents.
  • Toys, for example new bikes that are too big, causing children to fall and break bones.
  • Christmas dinner, cuts and burns sustained during cooking and carving.
  • Turkey, the elderly can be particularly at risk of choking.
  • Running out of medication, people failing to account for the additional closures of GP surgeries, and pharmacies over the Christmas period.

They also indicated some more unusual injuries that the staff have seen:

  • Zips on new jumpers causing injuries to eyelids.
  • Injuries to the eye, and face, from putting or taking presents under the low branches of Christmas trees.
  • Hand and arm injuries sustained from de-stoning avocados.

Some injuries can happen as the result of faulty goods, or services, and if this is the case you can access the Free Legal Advice Centre for help.

How to solve the problem if you have been accused of drunk driving

Drunk driver in a car is a true emergency. He/she poses a threat to life and health of all the traffic participants. However, drinking and driving, still remains an unsolved problem despite constant struggle with it. Alcohol is the most frequent cause of traffic accidents – it is an indisputable fact. Sometimes, traffic police acts in a too persistent manner striving to put an end to drunk driving, all that leads that a driver may be accused by mistake. You do not have to fall into despair if you have found yourself in a similar situation, but contact local paralegal services, which professionals are able to resolve this issue quickly. For example, legal specialists from  will never allow an erroneous accusal of their clients. They know what to do to prove your guiltlessness.

If to ask the question why the driver should not have to drive a car in a drunken state – it is likely to hear such an answer that alcohol distracts the attention, reduces memory, increases the reaction time, disturbs coordination of the movements and strong-willed regulation. It is believed that if a young healthy driver has taken a glass of vodka, then these qualities really go down significantly. If he has drank quite a small glass of vodka, then these qualities will deteriorate only slightly, and this small fry might be neglected. Although the statistics shows that the majority of traffic accidents related to alcohol intoxication occurs when the driver has taken small doses of alcohol.

When a person drinks a glass of beer or a glass of wine, he/she usually does not feel intoxicated, but such a small dose of alcohol still affects the body greatly. A person start to feel the rise of internal forces of the body, and what is more dangerous, starts to assess his/her driving skills inadequately.

Alcohol consumption reduces visual acuity and color vision, that in turn, slows down the perception of rapidly changing road situation. Cool-down time after being dazzled by the headlights of oncoming cars also gets increased. Besides, a person gets a violation of the deep vision, making difficult to conduct driving estimations. Alcohol also disrupts the functions of attention, memory, slows down thinking processes, decreases muscle strength, disturbs coordination and increases the time of reactions. As a result, the driver needs more time to assess road conditions, more time for decision-making and implementation of the necessary control actions. However, these violations are often overlooked by the driver. For example, drunk driver usually assesses the distance to a pedestrian incorrectly. Tests have shown that drivers with the alcohol content in the blood have assessed the distance to a pedestrian as equal to 30 m, although the actual distance has not exceed 15-18 m.

Alcohol not only increases the likelihood of an accident, but makes possible consequences more sever for the driver. That is why drinking is incompatible with defensive driving.  insists that you should not take a drop of alcohol if your are going to drive. Do not neglect this rule.


Determining Liability In Personal Injury Cases

In personal injury compensation claim cases, it is necessary to prove that you were involved in an accident or incident, that you suffered loss of some sort, and that this loss can be directly attributed to the accident. In order to successfully claim compensation, it must usually be possible to determine who exactly was at fault, although there are some cases where it is possible to claim even when a specific person cannot be identified – for example, in violent crime cases, there is a government fund that can be used when the criminal has not, or cannot be identified.

In many cases, such as car accidents and road traffic accidents, there will be a lengthy investigation into the cause of the accident and this will normally be used to determine who was to blame and to attribute liability to one party or another. This may not involve a criminal investigation, however, and it may be down to your solicitor to help gather evidence including eyewitness statements and even photographic evidence.

Determining Liability in Personal Injury Cases

In these types of case, and following these types of accident, it can prove beneficial for you to gather some of the evidence yourself. Take relevant photos of the accident site, ensure that you exchange details with the other driver or anybody else involved in the accident, and even attempt to gather contact details for those that may have seen the accident take place. You can present this information to your solicitors, and they will be able to act on the information if it is relevant and required, and they can progress with your case more quickly.

There are other steps that you can take, throughout the process, that can help to expedite a conclusion to your compensation claim. Ensure that you keep details of all communication and meetings with your doctors, hospital, and specialists. Also keep you receipts and prescription details, because this can be used to help determine the extent of your injuries. Your solicitor will be able to acquire your medical report and medical details, with your permission, but if you keep your own notes, you can ensure that there are no contradictions.

In some cases, the court may determine that no one single person was at fault. In a faulty goods case, for example, the court may determine that you, as the consumer, had certain liabilities to ensure that the product was safe yourself, while also determining that the manufacturer of the product was responsible for producing a safe item. The courts may, in these cases, determine that the product manufacturer was 50% responsible for the accident, and that they are 50% responsible for paying the compensation figure that they agree upon.

The quality and skill of your solicitor will often help to determine whether they are able to prove liability, although in some cases this may not be necessary. Clifford Johnston & Co Solicitors has more than 25 years’ experience of dealing with a variety of personal and family law cases, and can help to gather evidence, build a case, and prove liability, so that you can successfully claim compensation from the liable party.

Why You Need a Specific Type of Legal Expert for Different Situations

There are times in most people’s lives when they need to seek help from a professional lawyer or attorney. However, there are so many specialisms in law that it can seem a bit daunting to pick out the right person to help you. The attorney who helped you with your divorce will not necessarily have the knowledge or experience to help you if you need assistance with a tax problem, or equally if you need to make a personal injury claim. Choosing a lawyer who specialises in the kind of case you are involved in can be crucial to winning your case or getting what you are entitled to. Here, we take a look at some of the key types of lawyer you may need:

Family Lawyer

Family lawyers are a specific type of law specialist who can assist with issues relating to marriage and children. If you have something like a custody issue with children, or want to arrange visitation rights for your kids with a former partner, this is the kind of lawyer that you should seek out.

Divorce Lawyer

Like a family lawyer, a divorce lawyer specialises in things related to domestic situations, however they focus mainly on getting divorce situations resolved quickly and fairly. If you are seeking a divorce and need to ensure you get a fair deal out of it, you need a divorce law specialist.

Criminal Lawyer

If you find yourself facing criminal charges of any sort, then you need a good criminal attorney. This is someone who is experienced in defending people who have been accused of crimes, and who knows how to either prove innocence, or get the best deal in terms of fines or sentences if the person they are representing admits to being guilty of the crime.

Tax Lawyer

A tax lawyer can help deal with any issues with the IRS. If you have problems as a result of unpaid taxes or are being asked for money in taxes that you don’t believe you owe, then this is the kind of attorney you need to talk to. They specialise in knowing the laws around taxation in the state where they operate, and can help ensure you don’t have to pay more than you are due to.

Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been the victim of an accident on the road, at home, or in a public place and believe some other person or business is responsible, you may want to try and claim compensation you believe you are owed. A personal injury lawyer is specially trained to represent ordinary people against things like government organisations, corporations or other civilians to win a fair amount of compensation for their clients.

These are by no means the only types of lawyers there are, but are the ones most ordinary people need help from from time to time. Always look for a lawyer who specialises specifically in the thing you are involved with, to get the best results, rather than using a lawyer friend or a lawyer you have used previously for a different type of problem.

Debt Settlement and Your Finances

You’re deeply in debt with no good way out. Your bills clearly outweigh your income and the prospects of you ever paying off what you owe lies somewhere between slim and none. Personal bankruptcy is one option, but it should be something of a last resort. Another choice is debt settlement, an option that can help you reduce what you owe apart from bankruptcy. Here’s how to negotiate debt settlement with your creditors.

Talk about bankruptcy. When contacting your creditors you should explain your financial plight. Moreover, that discussion should include bankruptcy. Not that you are planning to file, rather that it is an option that the creditor needs to know is on the table. By having that conversation, your unsecured creditors understand that they may come up with nothing. Essentially you’re setting the table as you negotiate.

Discuss your settlement.  That settlement means that you will pay less than what you owe and your creditor will accept your offer and close out your account. For instance, you may owe $10,000 to one credit card company. You have enough money to pay maybe half that amount, but little else. Ask your creditor if they’d accept $1,500; if not you can go with a slightly higher amount until you settle. The key here is to start low and to work your way up from there.

Make your payment. A creditor will more likely accept your debt settlement if you have cash that you can provide right now. Whereas a creditor may accept smaller payments there is no guarantee that you will follow through. Better to take whatever you can give and do so right now they know you may leave them holding the bag with nothing in it.

Your personal loans. You are in a better position to negotiate for unsecured debt then for secured debt. When debt is secured that means there is an asset that can be seized in the event that you fail to make a payment. If that asset is a car, boat or a motorcycle, then the creditor can take it from you. Nevertheless, a bank may be willing to renegotiate a car loan by lowering your monthly payment as long as you can prove that additional payments will be forthcoming.

Your mortgage provider. Owning a house means that you’re in danger of repossession if you default on your home loan. Nonetheless, your debt problems can provide an avenue to seek a loan modification. Under the federal Making Home Affordable Program (HAMP) negotiating alone is possible. Be careful here: to qualify for a fresh loan you may be encouraged to fall further behind on your mortgage payments. The further behind you are the more likely you will qualify for loan modification. At the same point if your request is turned down, then you’re late mortgage payments, interest charges and fees what come due immediately.

Merchants and other service providers. If you owe money to a doctor, dentist, automotive mechanic, retailer or other local professional you can use the same strategies to settle debt as you do with your credit card providers. As long as debt is unsecured you have more leverage. At the same time keep in mind that you risk harming a personal or business relationship by canceling at least some of your debt.

Debt Considerations

You may find that settling debt on your own is just too complicated. If that is the case, find a finance attorney that can help you. Your attorney can discuss your options including personal bankruptcy advises The Fields Law Group. Don’t wait until you have a crisis on your hand such as a mortgage company that is bent on taking back your home.

DUI saviors: Agoura Hills to Hermosa Beach…

Driving drunk and getting the ticket is an everyday occurrence in most places and so why should it be different in Agoura Hills, Anaheim, or Fountain Valley or for that matter in Hermosa Beach?

These are tricky legal battles, as among the things that police hate the most is drunken driving and they frame cases so strictly that it is difficult to wiggle out.

So are you looking for an Agoura Hills DUI Lawyer, Glendale DUI Lawyer, Fountain Valley DUI Lawyer or Garden Grove DUI Lawyer? Let us tell you how to find the best.

Ask friends and look up websites for an attorney who specializes in the DUI/DWI laws in your state. S/he exclusively knows the court system and how to best represent your individual case.

But that is not enough. To be sure of the lawyer’s possibility of successfully bargaining for the plea and for sentence bargaining, which are the only two ways you can avoid tough sentences, ask for the successful cases in their portfolio.

Shop around and don’t be afraid to check out some more lawyers and compare the pricing.

Did you know that in many states, a first time DWI offender is not allowed to receive the maximum penalty for a DUI charge? Or did you also know that you may refuse a blood alcohol content test (BAC) and call local lawyers instead?

The answers to all these questions – and more – can only come from a premium DWI attorney found on our network.

With any attorney on our network, both offenders and victims obtain the highest-quality assistance in order to receive the compensation they deserve.

However, if the lawyer bungles, a DUI charge may lead to a revoked driver’s license, exorbitant fines, points on your license and even community service.

One aspect is the number of times the accused has been arrested for DUI. Repeat offenders can lose driving rights for one to four years.

The same penalty can be levied with the refusal of the accused to take the chemical test. You cannot afford to lose your right to drive and so it is essential to look for an experienced lawyer who will be able to defend you in court.

You can receive minor to major punishment for DUI. The judge will arrive at a decision base on the merits of the case.

The aspects that will be considered include the damage done by the accused while driving drunk and the number of past offenses (if any).

Corresponding punishment increases with the number of past offenses. The fines are also increased and the license suspension period is lengthened.

DUI laws are complex and only an Agoura Hills DUI Lawyer, Anaheim DUI Lawyer, Fountain Valley DUI Lawyer or Hermosa Beach DUI Lawyer can help the accused to understand them.

Discuss what his arguments will be in court and how you are expected to behave so as to ensure the least penalty.

So do get in touch with us for assured services!


Five SEO Strategies to Heed

It’s hard to believe something as simple as an Internet search can drive a virtual economy, but that is the modern world we live in. It is also the reason for search engine optimization. SEO has evolved over the last decade precisely because the search engines have upped their game. And last year was no different. But solid SEO is no longer simply a tool utilized by online advertisers. These days anyone offering a product or service, from start-up businesses to law firms, should utilize SEO to market themselves.

Keyword research still matters

It’s true that Google’s 2013 updates—Humingbird, Penguin, Panda, etc.—were designed to weed out keyword-laden junk content. But while quality SEO focuses on rich, useful content now more than ever, there is still something to be said for keyword research. The trick is to know one’s audience and understand industry behavior. Staying abreast of search trends is also vital. Businesses can utilize all internal tools, such as their sales and marketing departments, as well as external resources, like competitor research, in order to get this done. Because choosing effective keywords, especially those based on internal data, is still the best way to drive traffic to a piece of content.

Get involved in technical optimization

A clunky website doesn’t just look bad, it can effect page ranking as well. Those sites that suffer from issues regarding robot blocking, unindexing, duplicate content or overall shoddy web architecture all but ensure the search engines won’t be able to index the content in order to rank it. Performing regular SEO audits is the best way to eliminate technical issues and identify areas that could be bolstered to increase visibility in searches.

Don’t test in public

Experts recommend that those who are looking to tweak SEO strategies, such as optimization and link building, do so in a closed test environment. With any new campaign there is the chance of negative impact on the SEO process. Testing these campaigns before launch mitigates that risk and helps to stave off giant problems down the road.

Focus on blogger outreach

The landscape of content marketing has changed drastically in just a couple of years. Few if any of the high PR blogs accept sponsored guest posts anymore, which stems from the aforementioned junk content that was ubiquitous up until recently. So marketers are going to have to figure new ways to get those much-coveted blogger recommendations. This is particularly relevant to law firm SEO, as these local firms rely on word of mouth to get the word out. The good news is that through more nuanced blogger outreach (such as building relationships with bloggers as opposed to promotion-heavy email blast campaigns) and offering content useful content with organic keywords, marketers should be able to get the blessings of the bloggers and drive that traffic.

Link building is not dead

Last year, more than a few experts predicted the death of link building in SEO. As was the case with keywords, Google has gotten pretty good at penalizing dubious link-building practices. But that doesn’t mean marketers need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Giving those in a reliable network advance notice of a new piece of content is a great way to get them on board with linking to them. Diversification is also key, as the same links from the same network of websites can become tedious. Above all it is vital to actively push the content, which means ongoing promotion on social media platforms. Once the audience is there, the quality links will come easy.

Indeed, these five rules certainly don’t represent all modern SEO tactics. Personalization, social media, setting goals and KPIs, these things are all crucial as well. However, these principals should provide the foundation for successful content marketing for the foreseeable future.

Three Tips to Check if You Have Hired Good Lawyers

Legal issues can be stressful and one anxiety you may wish to avoid is questioning whether you have hired good lawyers. However, although you may have conducted your research prior to engaging their services, there are also three tips which can highlight whether your lawyer is one of the good ones.

Check Their Office Clean and Tidy

If your lawyer never meets you at their offices or their premises are dark dank and messy, the chances are they are not a firm of good lawyers. Great lawyers take pride in having clean tidy offices which reflect their level of professionalism. Even small legal matters can require a great deal of paperwork which will need to be submitted properly and on time. Therefore you will need to ask yourself if you trust someone who can’t keep their office organized, whether you trust them with your case.

Do They Return Your Calls?

Whether you need good lawyers for a simple matter or a complex case, you need to have the confidence that your lawyer will return your call promptly when you need them. When a legal matter arises, especially in a criminal case, you need to know that when you place the call to your lawyer, they will be available as soon as possible. The office support staff at the firm should be courteous and treat you with respect whenever you call.

The Lawyers Look and Act Professional:

Your lawyers should maintain a high standard of professionalism by dressing smartly and acting in a professional manner. You will need your lawyer to keep your cool even in the most stressful of circumstances to ensure that your case is dealt with effectively and efficiently. Smart dress and a professional attitude reflect the respect that your lawyer has for your case and the courtroom.

If you are looking for a firm of good lawyers, contact us. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements and answer any of your questions.

Legal Consequences Of Assault And Battery Massachusetts

We all hear news about assault and battery charges, where husbands beat their wives, teens attack their peers, or individuals who robbed someone. But do we really understand what assault and battery is? And how criminal law sees it?

These two are actually two separate criminal offenses. They imply that nonconsensual and unlawful touching of another person has occurred. These are very serious offenses and they can often lead to some serious legal ramifications.

What Is Assault And Battery Massachusetts?

Inciting fear is considered as assault while nonconsensual and unlawful touching is battery. Criminal law sees these two as a single offense and more often than not, battery charge includes an assault as well.

These offenses are considered as deliberate torts and therefore they have serious legal consequences. A person who is charged with this criminal offense should immediately hire a Boston criminal attorney. Reacting quickly is one of the more important steps to make in this situation as the consequences of this charge can be very severe. The future of the person who is charged with this criminal offense can drastically change. And here is why:

  • Jail time, parole or probation are possible, depending on how serious the crime is
  • Criminal record
  • Carrying fire arms will not be allowed
  • Hefty fines

As you can see, the consequences of assault and battery Massachusetts are very serious, even without including a legal sentence. You need a good Boston criminal attorney or you won’t be able to find the job you want, rent an apartment you want, carry a firearm or attend a school you want. Many institutions in Massachusetts will do a background check and you won’t be able to pass if you have a permanent criminal record. This is why you need to hire a Boston criminal attorney. You need to have these charges dropped as soon as possible.

In case you get a legal sentence for assault and battery, you will have to deal with many harsh consequences. The severity of your crime, prior convictions you might have and the circumstances of the situation may drastically reduce your chances at living a good, normal life. And in case you induced injury to the victim, you will also be responsible to pay for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Physical injuries
  • Absence from work
  • Prescription drugs

If you or someone you care for has been accuse of this criminal offense, it’s best to start looking for legal help now. The sooner you find out about your rights and your options, the better.

What Sort of Evidence Should You Try to Gather After an Accident?

After an accident, the last thing on anyone’s mind is the collection of evidence to build their case. Usually, everyone tries to get to safety and save themselves and other. It is only after this is done that the gathering of evidence begins.

Some people typically do not see the need for this, and this can affect them when they file their insurance compensation claims or file a property damage and personal injury claim against the at-fault party. To help you get the settlement you deserve particularly when you are not guilty of causing the accident, you should attempt to do the following:

Pictures of the Scene

This is important for all accidents. It does not matter if you had an accident at the workplace or are involved in a vehicle accident, the first thing you can do if it is possible is to take pictures of the scene.

It is naturally assumed that for you to be able to do this, you should not be suffering from any serious wounds, otherwise focus your efforts on seeking medical attention. Take as many pictures of the scene as possible as everything might become useful in the long run.

You never know what the insurance investigator might see that will help him pay out your compensation claims quickly. The cars are also important. This is particularly important if the cause of the accident is in contention. Usually, the pictures can help prove that you were not at fault.

Medical Records and Bills

Even if you feel fine, it makes sense to go to the hospital and get a physical. Sometimes, injuries such as whiplash or internal injuries are not evident until long after the incident. Going to a hospital immediately or having the EMT’s look you over is always a smart idea.

Not only will you be cleared and given a clean bill of health if you sustained no injuries, you would also be able to use the medical records and bills as evidence when filing your claims. You records should include information like the diagnosis, prescribed medications, treatments recommended and received, among so many other things. If you incurred some bills too, make sure to provide all that too. It will help seal your case.

Determine Any Vehicle Damage Cost

If your car sustained significant damages as a result of the accident, you need to ensure that all repairs are taken care of. Usually, this will be taken care of by your insurance company or the other party. If your car is totaled and has to be written off, you will need to find out what it’d cost to get a new one, and your car’s previous price estimate before the accident before filing your claims.

Please note that it is always better to be factual when submitting your estimates than to inflate the prices. This way, when the insurance claims adjuster and investigator do their research, they’ll find that your claims were legit. Usually, the insurance company will do their own assessment of the damage and even determine if the cars should be written off. However, it does not hurt to get a second or even third opinion.

Get a Copy of the Police Report

If the police was called to the scene of the accident, chances are that they will file a police report detailing everything that happened at the scene. The reports that will include your statement, the other driver’s statement, and their recommendations or conclusions of who was at fault will be available as a public record.

This should be your final nail in the coffin. With this included in your documents, you can easily file for your claims and expect to get the necessary payout. Naturally you should also be in constant contact with your attorney in order to be able to turn that evidence into something actionable, and for Central Florida residents I highly recommend employing the services of David R. Heil.

The writer, Oscar King, is a student of law who hopes to help people with their personal injury woes sometime in the future, but for now identifies local attorneys that he considers incredibly resourceful and professional in getting people the compensation they are entitled to. If you wish to learn more about Oscar you can visit on Google+.